Sunday, November 30, 2008

The future is here

When my buddy krueger end to Japan a couple years ago he told me about
the vending machines there. You could enter your cell phone number,
select a drink, and they'd bill it to your cell. This isn't quite as
cool, but at chesterfield mall they now have a coke machine that
accepts credit cards! Pretty cool.

What in the World is Going On?

So I'm on Amazon snoopin around for some books to put on the ol' Christmas list, and I see this:

What In the World Is Going On? Ten Propehtic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Ah yes, no better subject for ranting than Christian literature.

To be fair, I haven't read the book. And I won't. I know all I need to know from the description:
It is hard to piece together all this information in a way that gives a comprehensive picture of what the end times will look like. That's why so many theories abound. And that's why Dr. David Jeremiah has written What In the World Is Going On?, a unique book that cuts through the hundreds of books and numerous theories to identify the essential 10 most important bible prophecies.
AKA "Yeah, we know theres a ton of other books like this out there, but they all suck and this one is right."

Also, note that they are trying to compell you to purchase the book by relying on fear. "Clues you cannot afford to ignore." Right. This is the same tactic the local news uses right before the commercial before they tell you about the dangers of salmonella tracings on your child's lunch tray.

The book offers scriptural enlightenment on the following subjects:
- The oil crisis
- The resurgence of Russia
- The new axis of evil
- The importance of Israel
- The new powers of the European Union

Now, we all know its easy just to rip on stuff and never really offer anything yourself. So here's my take: Whats wrong with the world can be seen when a Wal-Mart clerk is crushed beneath a mob of blood, er, bargain thirsty shoppers. When a man who is clearly dying, being treated by emergency response crews is casually passed by because BluRay DVD players are 10% off, we can see what is wrong with the world. I don't think scripture is meant to be twisted into an ethnocentric magic 8 Ball and I don't think we need to see another Christian prophecy book. Rant on!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back in the saddle

Hello friends. I've been absent as of late. I didn't think any one really noticed, but I received a couple of comments within a short span that reminded me that sometimes people do check this thing, and think of me as a bum when the posts have been so infrequent.

So, today I resolved myself to resurrect my electronic presence. Both on here and Facebook; plus Brad and Adam have both posted. So I gotta keep up with them.

Here's the Rundown:
-Quantum of Solace
-Funny Stories

Election So I put up a post from my phone the night of the election. It was a neat event to witness for sure. I watched the quarter million people at that park in Chicago and I just don't have that much hope that all of a sudden everything is going to be awesome. BUT many people a two generations ago would've laughed you out of the room if you told them there would be a black president. I just hope we don't lose the urgency for alternative fuel with gas prices falling, although I'm not exactly complaining. It was $1.49 in St. Louis today! I almost offered to fill a strangers tank up.

Quantum of Solace This movie was awesome. Daniel Craig is a man, baby! Sure, some of the scenes were over the top; the plane chase in particular. But isn't that why we saw the movie in the first place? There were about 19-23 times that I said "that was awesome" under my breath.

Holidays Sarah and I are having our first go around with Thanksgiving and Christmas as a married couple. Christmas is something I take very seriously, and I've got some fresh recommendations for the sounds of the season for later on. The Mrs. and I went and bought some decorations. Including the search for the perfect Mustoe Family Christmas Tree: a 4.5 foot pre-lit beauty. It is beyond my ability to describe how great it was to put it up. We're going to KC Wednesday night thru Sunday. For Thanksgiving i'm smoking a turkey! So I'll try and have some progress updates with that adventure.

Funny Stories I had a "you know you're married now" moment at last week. Sarah and I were at the grocery last week:

Me: "Hey, you want to get some of that pulled pork again?"
Sarah: "No! You remember how that made me sick last time?"
Me: "...ya, but thats because you got the spicy kind."

Also, last Saturday I bought a new holiday sweater. We have church directory pictures coming up, and its always good to be festive right? So I get one from Target and wear it to church last Sunday. Jordan, one of my students says "Hey, Justin (his brother) bought that sweater too. He wore it to our church pictures." I tell him to call his brother in order to alert him to not wear his sweater. Jordan says "Got it, I'll call him."

Sure enough Jordan called his brother. Only he said: "Hey, Adam wants to see your new sweater." Well played Jordan, well played.We thought it was a bit like a before and after weight loss shot.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, I'm back!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Just watched Obama's speech in Chicago. What blows my mind are all the
people that have voted today that coudnt when they were my age because
of their skin color, and yet a man who couldn't have ridden in the
front of a bus in the 1960s is the president elect. I think Jesse
Jackson says and does many, many stupid things. But when I see his
reaction it's a peak at the significance of this election. More later
this week.

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