Thursday, March 08, 2012

Guess Who's Back

So, its been about two years since I've used this thing. I don't know if I'll actually pick this up regularly again, but I've seen a lot of reaction around the Kony 2012 video, and wanted to toss in my two cents as well.

1. We'll get to the larger humanitarian considerations later, when I saw the video, I was moved. Jason Russell tells a great story. What I took away from the 30 minute documentary was a reminder that evil is real, and unless we act it will continue to flourish. The videos thesis was that if people knew who Joseph Kony was, there would be a groundswell to bring him to justice. There is evil and injustice and need all around us. I was inspired to again begin to dream about how our youth ministry might meet the needs of our community. I started by contacting the principals of the two schools that are on the same street as my church.

2. I hope the video results in real action. I saw a post on facebook that said "Wearing a Kony bracelet actually does as much to stop him as wearing a pink one does to stop breast cancer." There's a clever term out there called "slactivism", the notion that changing your profile picture or wearing a bracelet (or typing a blog) changes the world. It doesn't. But neither does criticizing all the people you think are just slactivists!

3. If you're interested in thinking about justice more, I would encourage you to check out the following things:

My friend Natalie's blog. She is an International Justice Mission fellow, she is actually on the ground working through the legal system in Uganda working for justice.

When Helping Hurts. A lot of criticism has been aimed at Invisible Children as a charitable organization (who could argue with their cause?). Financial transparency, conflicts of interest in leadership, percentages of budgets and where they go. Perhaps some of this is deserved. I don't know. What I do know, is that confronting evil and advocating for the poor is not simple. "When helping hurts" is an eye-opening, thoughtful discussion of all of these issues.

The White Man's Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good. A more academic (certainly less spiritual) discussion of the same problems I listed above.

4. This article in the New Yorker by Malcolm Gladwell

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On McGwire

Quick two cents. Can the guy catch a break? In an absolute way, yes, he cheated. But didn't put up his finger like Palmero did. A-Rod and Andy Pettite admitted they used, and they're still on the freaking Yankees payroll next year. If they would've given Big Mac immunity he would've come clean. When millions and millions of dollars is at stake, people will go to great lengths. We sure didn't mind in 1998, and we sure do cheer when A-Rod hits a bomb his first at bat back after the "admission".

We shouldn't applaud him juicing up, but we shouldn't hold him to some heightened standard either. Shawn Merriman, Manny, and other steroid users didn't have to sit down with Bob Costas and no one is calling for their heads.

I'm a completely biased. I love that McGwire's back and I hope to see him make the post-season roster.

Sermon from Sunday

My church kicked off a sermon series called "Missing the Point" last Sunday. We're looking at issues people outside the church have with Christianity, and in the second half looking at misconceptions Christians inside the church have.

I opened it up with a sermon on the question "Is the Church Homophobic".

If you'd like to listen, here is the link. I of course, welcome your feedback.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, December 07, 2009

Down with consumerism! Buy this to find out how!

So here's part of a promotional email I got promoting the "Advent Conspiracy". I think the point is great- "spend less money, give more presence." Their promos are real slick too. However, I can't help but relish the irony of this. "Fed up with consumerism"- what like, email advertisement blasts? Links to "buy now"?

"Spend less"...except for buying this small group DVD of course. C'mon guys.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Losin with Loggy

My boy Loggy put this together for his contribution to the church staff "white elephant" Christmas party. Enjoy.

Losin' With Loggy from Michael Logsdon on Vimeo.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mustoe's Representing

My Aunt and Uncles house was featured on the front page of the Moberly paper last week in a story about images of Thanksgiving around Moberly. I'll be there this Wed-Saturday. Very, very excited to see the fam.