Friday, September 30, 2005

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Here's a good article from Relevant Magazine:

This issue of technology changing our lives is extremely interesting to me. Here's some examples from my personal life:

Since i've got the iPod I can hardly stand listening to the radio because of all the commerials. I control what is played and when. I do what I want!

Also, who out there actually KNOWS any phone numbers? Since my cell phone has all of them programed in, I couldn't get a hold of my Dad or Girlfriend, or hardly anyone for that matter if I were to lose my cellular device.

Hasn't things like AIM influenced the way we converse in person? Sort of like if you're on the computer, you're probably talking to more than one person at a time. SO, then it becomes about the next conversation. Your head is four different places at once so you're trying to get the crucial information about whatever it is you're talking about as quick as you can. Oh ya, and if you find yourself saying things like "brb" or saying "lol" instead of actually laughing, you need to turn off your computer right now. Go read a book or eat an apple. Seriously. Go. Right now.

I HATE writing things out by hand now. My handwriting has deteriorated and I get frustrated because hand written things are so inefficient! It takes so long! But at the same time isn't it so much better if you get a written note rather than an email?

Electronic stuff is definately putting a lot of convience and efficiency in our lives but we can't let it degrade our level of human interaction. Trust me, i'd rather go eat lunch with you than have you read my blog.

On a sidenote, Crowder's new album is sweet.

Another sidenote, I love applesauce. And cheesticks. Holy cow, I could eat like 4 string cheeses right in a row. Nutritionally, i'm still in the 4th grade. where did I put my cell phone.....brb

Monday, September 26, 2005

A Collision Is Coming

David Crowder* Band's new album drops this Tuesday, the 27th. You need to go out and buy it immediately. To my knowledge Target is going to carry it so you don' t have to pay $25 for it at a Christian Bookstore (for more stories about Christian bookstores, see "The Spittin' Image")

I downloaded it off of iTunes for $9.99. Now that is great. I feel like i'm in the future. CD's are out. Seriously, David Crowder is hands down the best Christian music out there right now. If you disagree, you should prayerfully reconsider.....just kidding.

On an exciting side note, it's my girlfriend and I's 7 month anniversary today!

Friday, September 23, 2005


First and foremost, Batman Begins will be released October 18th, 2005. (

So with the release of the DVD, the debate of the summer is resurrected. The debate is two-fold: 1. Who was the best Batman? and 2. Which is the best Batman movie of all time?

If you're a ture Batman fan, nay, Batfan then at this juncture you would include Adam West amongst your list of actor's to portray the caped crusador. Let us pause for a moment to be intentional of including Adam West, the original Batman on the 70's TV series. Ah, but thats just it, he was on TV which clearly would not put him in the same arena as the silver screen stars you might say. Not so fast my friend. The old school Batman movie, aptly titled "The Batman Movie" featured the TV series' trademark onomatopoeia (Bang! Whack! For further clarification see:

So, now that everyone is clear on why Adam West is included in the Best Batman debate, as is the 1966 full length feature film "The Batman Movie" let the Great Bat Debate begin. Here is my list:

Greatest Batman:
1. Michael Keaton (Batman, Batman returns)
2. Christian Bale (Batman Begins)
3. Adam West (The Batman Movie)
4. Val Kilmer (Batman Forever)
5. George Clooney (Batman and Robin)

Now, to me, Michael Keaton sits at the top of the list because he was believable enough in the actual bat costume, tough and just scary enough. However, where Keaton really soared was as Bruce Wayne. He had a type of charisma you just can't script. My vote for best actual Batman would be Christian Bale. Adam West gets the 3 spot because we have the same first name. Val and George are left to eat the crumbs from the table because their movies were bush league.

Greatest Batman Films:
1. Batman (1989)
2. Batman Begins (2005)
3. The Batman Movie (1966)
4. Batman Returns (1992)
5. Batman Forever (1995)
6. Batman and Robin (1997)

Keep in mind I was 5 years old when the first Batman was released, and I am proud to say my father and I made a special trip to Columbia to see it. I even recall eating lots of Batman cereal because if you found a special gold key you could win a power wheels Batmobile. I didn't win. Perhaps that is why I have a special affinity for the original Tim Burton film. I thought Batman Begins was fantastic. Saw it twice actually. Two days in a row! The Batman Movie gets number 3 because of the general campy-ness and also my fondness for it as a child. Batman forever was at least respectable with Jim Carrey and Uma Thurman co-starring. But Batman and Robin just doesn't work on many levels at all.

Now, in anticipation of the release of Batman Begins of DVD, I encourage you to keep other Bat Debates going with your friends at work, school, maybe even your family, but only discuss Batman related topics with your family if you can agree that it will not rip you apart, as discussion can be passionate and quite heated. If Grandma likes Batman and Robin the best, things might never be the same. Other Bat Topics could include:

Best Bat Costume (the nippled armor in Batman and Robin, horrible)
Best Bat Mobile
Best Bat Babe (Alicia Silverstone, Katie Holmes, and on a side note Kim Bassinger was my first Hollywood Crush)
Best Villain

Clearly, the Batman discussion will continue for decades to come. Post your thoughts, if you have any. Hopefully this very long post will not be in vain. Another sidenote, I am the proud owner of a Batman belt buckle. Beat that!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Has anyone else heard of My school just got it and lemme tell ya, it can consume your time.

I went back to my church in St. Louis this last weekend. It was a delight. I love the feeling of "being home"

Sunday, September 18, 2005

"The hairy guy in the back"

Ok, funny story time. I'm in spanish class last Friday at my university. This is no ordinary spanish class, its called an "ITV" class where our class in connected with another high school class in Lincoln Missouri. The professor teaches our class and they see it on a monitor in their classroom. Most of the time our class can see theirs on a monitor, and ocassionally the teacher will turn on our class camera so the class in Lincoln can see our class and we talk to each other in spanish. Still with me?

So we're sitting there asking each other "how old are you" in horrible Missouri accents. One member of the class designates another by what shirt their wearing, where they are sitting, etc.
Mind you I had showered right before class and my hair was, unkept to say it mildly.Suddenly the outspoken young lady in the front blurts out: "ASK THE HAIRY GUY IN THE BACK!"

Two of my buddies are in class with me, and immediately they lose it. Histeric laughter erupts from not only my college classroom, but in the classroom of the high school in Lincoln. Nothing is more defeating than knowing that people from around the state are laughing at you.

Shocked, appauled, insulted, and impressed by the audacity of this chick in the front I am rendered speechless. The only action I could muster was to physically get up and leave the room. I thought: "How funny would it be in the other people's monitor to just see the hairy guy in the back get up and leave?" So thats what I did. I used the restroom facilities, gathered my injured self-esteem, and returned to "la clase".

After class, my teacher was less than pleased with my reaction. I let her know I was less than pleased with her lack of chastising the insult hurling student. We left it at that. So now, i'm that guy: "The hairy guy in the back."

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cards vs. Cubs

Went to the last Cardinals Cubbies game at Busch on Wednesday. That dude on the right is my buddy from high school. It was great to be doing manly things together: eating nachos, hot dogs, talking sports, making fun of Cubs fans, carelessly tossing peanut shells every which way, and generally having a blast even though we lost 2-1. You know you had a good time when you spend $20 on food and you are excited about it.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Sort of makes rising gas prices a little easier to take, at least there aren't people rioting through my city's streets. Pray for New Orleans.