Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On McGwire

Quick two cents. Can the guy catch a break? In an absolute way, yes, he cheated. But didn't put up his finger like Palmero did. A-Rod and Andy Pettite admitted they used, and they're still on the freaking Yankees payroll next year. If they would've given Big Mac immunity he would've come clean. When millions and millions of dollars is at stake, people will go to great lengths. We sure didn't mind in 1998, and we sure do cheer when A-Rod hits a bomb his first at bat back after the "admission".

We shouldn't applaud him juicing up, but we shouldn't hold him to some heightened standard either. Shawn Merriman, Manny, and other steroid users didn't have to sit down with Bob Costas and no one is calling for their heads.

I'm a completely biased. I love that McGwire's back and I hope to see him make the post-season roster.

Sermon from Sunday

My church kicked off a sermon series called "Missing the Point" last Sunday. We're looking at issues people outside the church have with Christianity, and in the second half looking at misconceptions Christians inside the church have.

I opened it up with a sermon on the question "Is the Church Homophobic".

If you'd like to listen, here is the link. I of course, welcome your feedback.

Monday, January 11, 2010