Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

One way to know you're getting older is when you wake up Christmas morning and want to sleep instead of open presents. Tommarow will be one of those mornings. Peace and goodwill toward humans! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Shame on me

Ok, so basically it's been about 2 months since i've blogged. See, what happened is, I was kidnapped. Thats right. 3 large men in a van abuducted me. I thought I was too big to be kidnapped. Wait, maybe once you're not a kid anymore it's abduction and not kidnapping? I would usually associate abduction with Aliens, either way. They shoved me in the van and demanded I hand over my X-Box 360. It took me a month to convince them that I was not infact Adam Caldwell and that my X-Box had long since passed away.

But now i'm back, in a big way.

Lots of things have happened over the past couple through with finals, had a giant Christmas tree at the house in Fayette, saw U2 in St. Louis, had a great time in Ellisville/O'Fallon with lots of Christmas cheer, now i'm back home to kick it for the next few days. This is my last Christmas as "a student" and therefore my last excuse I have to still go in half and half with my sister for my parents Christmas gifts.

So i'm home with the family and we decide to go out to Target for a few things. Among them, a new "family game" Scene It. I'm actually looking forward to gathering round the fire/DVD player for a rousing family game night. Ah, to be young and crazy.

Anyways while we were there my Dad mentioned that Target is no longer hosting Salvation Army ringers. See this article here if you want details....

What I find interesting is the reasoning behind banning the salvation army. Is it because it's a "Christian" organization? Has the entire season been politicized to the point of banning organizations now? I would LOVE to see all kinds of kettles with shivering bell ringers, christian, muslim, secular, whatever.

If you go to Target's web page you'll be able to find this area, where you can partner with the salvation army without dropping any change into one of their kettles.

But this all seems a little fishy to me still. Banning ringers from their stores but adding a new section to their website. Perhaps this was after the PR fallout amidst "christian" groups calling for boycotts? I dunno. Maybe my family can talk about it while we play Scene It.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Thanks to Andy Bryan there will be no more Ads on the comments section! From now on if you post a comment just type in the letters it will ask you and BAM! no more fake comments from people trying to sell steak knives or something. Also, i've posted some good links, I think. So check it out!


Greetings everyone. I have a habit of checking compulsively (sp?) for the news headlines, I read this article today:

So we're pretty much going to drill for oil in Alaska. Environmental issues like this are usually pretty divisive and telling as to a person's political alliance. I personally don't claim either major party in case you were wondering. The main reason is because i'm not knowledgable enough about various issues and where the democrats or republicans stand but I think I have a pretty good idea. I doubt i'll ever be one or the other. Also, I think it's important that people think for themselves and not just be a republican because thats what mommy and daddy are.

That being said, it bothers me a little that we're going to rip up all that land in Alaska just for a drop in the bucket. Not because I neccessarily am heart broken about Caribu that might be displaced even though that is a little sad, but because this to me represents a disturbing principal. Oil is a finite resource. Fossil fuels are depleating, they're going to run dry. To me drilling for some on our own soil will have minimum long term impact, and ZERO short term impact. The solution needs to be pumping money into innovating technology that focuses on renewable resources, not tromping around every national forest until we've sucked our country dry of "the black gold". Drilling won't effect gas prices for at least a decade, and even then it might increase our domestic production by like, 4%.

The problem is the ridiculous amount of money that the oil/auto industry has in politics. Also, the fact that none of us (myself DEFINATELY included) could function without our cars. Now, my Malibu rocks almost 30mpg but I hope that hybrids will keep improving to get those miles-per-gallon numbers up.

Call me a tree hugger but I think drilling for oil in the Alaskan refuge is an irresponsible use of government resources, but even worse a step in the wrong direction for humans to be good stewards of God's creation. We want lower gas prices NOW and Alaskan oil isn't going to make that happen. Speaking of, I filled up this morning.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Rainy Day

Here at school it's a rainy day, which usually heightens all my lethargic feelings. So I got to poking around the world wide web and discovered an actual medical condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder; now this has more to do with symptoms of depression that worsen over the winter months with less daylight. But what about a microcosm (sp?) of S.A.D. (kind of a cruel name eh?) a kind of "rainy day feeling"? I'm pretty sure that "Rainy Day Feeling" is the title of many-a-cheesy soft rock song....But anyways, it's rainy weather and i'm not feeling very festive on Halloween. For more S.A.D. info check out:

Ha, I just searched and there was over 62 hits for "Rainy Day Feeling"

Halloween a few years back was one of the first days I knew I was growing up. It was October 31st, 1998 and instead of Trick or Treating as I had done for a decade, I sat on my couch watching scary movies on TBS at the insistance of my Father. He didn't make me watch those movies or anything, I just couldn't go trick or treating anymore. I was devastated, no more trick or treating. I had a joyous activity ripped from my life because "I was getting to old". Dad was right, I was too old. It got to where I would estimate the socioeconomic status of families in our neighborhood by what sort of candy they gave my sister and I. Once you can use socioeconomic sucessfully in a sentance you should definately not go trick or treating.

But the good news is that I am now in a position to experience the joy I had as a child. No, I don't have a son I take trick or treating, but I do have a youth group. Both the middle school and high school youth had Halloween bashes last night and it was great. There were so many of us who dressed up, including myself.....a ninja. Ok, a chubby ninja. (Nationwide people spent a record on costumes:

But the youth also went "trick or treating for canned goods." So, instead of filling our pillowcases with kit kats and such, we actually tried to do something positive with Halloween, and we did! A good time was had by all and we also were able to collect a decent amount of food to give to Kingdom House. Hopefully I can get some pics up on here.

So, the youth festivites are over. I guess i'll endulge in some gummy bears to celebrate. Some may say Halloween is evil. But if you can use it as a benefit then maybe its not all bad.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Say no to drugs

Ok, so two days ago my buddy and I made a trip to Columbia for some guitar supplies, Chipotle burritos, and gummy bears. We visited our friend who was working at Walgreens and on our way out we saw a peculiar sight...An odd looking fellow pushing his truck in the middle of the Broadway-Providence intersection (a very, very, busy part of town). So it was decision time... Being that the middle school youth and I just had gone over the story of the good Samaritan, it was time to showcase my strength of ten men. So I sprint out there at a blazing speed, get over to his truck in the middle of the intersection, and scream "hop in!" He's very excited that someone came to assistance. So, I begin pushing his truck while he steers. So we stop at the next light, and he gets out and says: "Hey man, you smoke any herb, cause I can hook you up?" Now, some of the younger readers might not recognize this phrase. The young man who I helped had just offered me some marijuana as a repayment for my efforts. Luckily, I had been through the D.A.R.E. program, and responded "No thanks, i'm cool". So we finished pushing his car to the gas station, being that he had run out of gas, he thanked me again and I explained that I just hope someone would do the same for me and told him God bless.

So the moral of the story is: Love your neighbor as yourself, and turn thy neighbor down when he offers you weed.

On a sidenote: As much as I love Jesus, and as much as I love iPods i'm not sure about when they collide:

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Oh ya, almost forgot about this. Tonight was Game 1 of Cards/'Stros. Now, for those of you who do not know I spent a summer in Houston two years ago. Thus, in order to blend in with the Texans I became a casual fan of the Astros despite their historical division rivalry with the hometown crew, the Cardinals. Now, another factor in me liking the Astros is my love of Orange Juice, particularly Minute Maid orange juice. Any baseball fan is seeing the corollation immediately, but for those of you out there who are not Sportscenter freaks the Astros play at Minute Maid Park.

I am publically confessing before all my fellow Missourians that I own 2 items of Astro-Apparel, nay, Astroparel: 1 Hat, and 1 Shirt. I also would like it to be known that should the 'Stros defeat St. Louis, those items will be burned and I will recant any connection I had made with the quasi-support of the Astros. But I won't have to worry about that because it's not going to happen.

I predict the Cardinals win the series over the White Sox. Simultaneously giving the perfect send off for the beer and tobacco scented (and aptly named) Busch Stadium AND giving the Cards retribution for the embarrasing sweep last year to the Sox of another color. This is the Cardinals year, I feel it. Cap off a great era with a memory filled stadium, and do it over a team from Chicago. Kinda feel bad for the White Sox.....they're not first in line in their own city or their own team name (sox). Anyways, it's getting late, so I just wanted to quickly say Go Cards!

On a quick sidenote the local grocery store is carrying Shasta Soda, ranging from 15-20 cents a piece. Not only does Shasta make several exotic flavors, but they are tastey and affordable as well! I consumed two Shasta Ginger Ales during tonights victory, so I believe that constitutes the beginning of a 2005 playoff tradition: Cardinals win and Ginger Ale. Try it!

Will It Never Stop!?!?!??!?!

Several things here:

Had a busy week at school, and am in the midst of a busy semester at school. If I can get through October i'm pretty sure the rest of the year will be downhill. I talked with a recruiter from St. Paul School of Theology (a seminary in KC) for sometime over a politically imposed lunch. It actually turned out to be good conversation once the forced formalities were disposed. Thinking about seminary/grad school is pretty much silly right now though. After graduation next May, for a while, i'm going to enjoy NOT being a student, since i've pretty much got a 15 year streak going here, call me Cal Ripken baby!

I've reached the startleing (sp?) conclusion that I cannot throw a baseball. I'm talking could not do it to save my life. Literally, if someone were to say: Adam, unless you throw me that ball you are doomed! I still don't think I could do it, and ya know, the pressure of dying would probably make it worse. Come to think of it "I couldn't do it to save my life" is kind of a silly phrase....Anyways, my buddies are on the team here at school so I went with them out to the field to play some catch. It was then that I realized why I stopped playing baseball in 8th grade, because everyone else entered into full-scale adolescence (ah-hem....i'm talking about puberty) and got a lot better at sports, and I just kind of stayed the same and fell behind in the pack. So we go down to the field, and i'm joking with some of the guys about how i'm thinking about trying out because I still have 5 years of eligability left. Then it's my turn to start tossing the ball around, and it just slips out at a 45 degree angle out of my hand, which is not good if you're having trouble visualizing this. I hadn't thrown a baseball in about 7 years, so it was just flipping out of my wrist like a football. Next time you see me, if you happen to have a baseball, i'll show you. You will be guaranteed to laugh. My inability to throw a baseball has really bothered me. I feel somehow.....un-American. Also, i'm looking forward to someday tossing around the ball with my son, so i'm going to find my throw before the year is over.

Finally, and this is where the title comes from, is Apple has introduced a new iPod. Anyone who really knows me also knows my love of the tiny device. iPods are ergonomically, aesthetically, and audibly amazing. They are also impossible to keep up with. I recieved my iPod for Christmas 2005, and it's been replaced by something cooler like, 6 times already!!!!! But I guess the great thing is trying to be happy with what i've got, because it doesn't work any less than what it is designed to do right? It's just tough to resist the temptation to get the latest, most current, and frankly most expensive thing out there. So if you wanna check out the next replacement of my now obsolete iPod, here's the link:

When will the new iPods stop? Can they ever reach a point where the Apple guys with the labcoats come in to the board of directors meeting and be like: "Ya know guys, this is about as cool as we can get"?

Monday, October 10, 2005

On A Roll.....

So I hadn't posted in a couple days, partly due to the homecoming festivites of my University this weekend. The Central Methodist Eagles defeated the Culver-Stockton Wildcats 40-18 (football). Let me tell you, it was quite the beat down. Easily the most points i'd ever seen my school score. The crowd almost didn't know what to do.

Since its late at night/early in the morning, whichever you prefer, i'm ripe for some discussion. My thoughts as of late have been centering around the church and good or bad of a job we do with fulfiling the call to spread the gospel to God's people.

Basically, I've been thinking about how much of "church" is for people who are already in the church. Its been said that the church is (or should be) a club that exists solely for the benefit of people who are outside the club. I believe i've heard that said somehwere else, much more elequently of course. But next time you listen to a Christian song, think about it from the perspective of someone who's never been to church, not that going to church MAKES you a Christian. I think that the church should minister and serve to those within it. But think how scary a church could be if you had never been in one before: All that red carpet, everyone but you is wearing a nametag, you don't know any of the songs or prayers, and everything in the sanctuary is symbolic from the candles to the stained glass to the inscription on the pulpit. All of this would be foriegn to you.

I'm not calling to get rid of any of these things. I just think it's a good idea to keep in mind not everyone in a sanctuary "knows the drill" with lots of the things we do in corporate worship. I've never met anyone that says "I LOVE BEING EXCLUDED!" Have you ever been the new kid at school? Imagine the same feeling only not as a quivering second grader, but as an emerging adult with lots of doubt and questions. We need to be educating those that are new to the mix and reminding those who have become complacent in the church about why we are doing what we are doing.

Mr. Caldwell, I salute you

"And i'm trying to make you sing
From the place that you believe
Like it's something that you need
Like it means everything

And i'm trying to make you feel
That this is for real
And life is happening
And it means everything
And i'm trying to make you sing"

-David Crowder, from the last track of his new album.

These words seem simple, maybe even odd if you look at them on your computer screen. Being a big Crowder fan I pre-ordered the album and listened to it as soon as I could. I got to this track and didn't really stop and think about the lyrics. Then my buddy Adam told me to take a closer look, er, listen. After hearing him hypothosize (sp? maybe I shouldn't use big words if I can't spell them) about the meaning, I have been listening to this song over and over. Crowder is stating why he exists, why he does what he does. He's trying to get people to sing and encounter God. I guess I find this incredibly inspirational because the more I thought about it thats what I want my life to be, helping people encounter God as I try and do a better job myself. To live and praise God like it means everything, not just empty words, or a paycheck, or a lifestyle for the sake of a lifestyle, but to really truely believe that what I am doing with my life matters and is pleasing to God. To trust him more, believe more, do more, and love more. Like it means everything.

Their new album "A Collision" is hands down the best Christian album i've ever heard. This is not a run-of-the-mill praise album. There's not 4 covers of songs you've already heard covered by 4 other artists. This is truely an album that demands repeated listening. Even if you're not jamming to every track with your windows down, they are all thought provoking. I cannot speak highly enough of this CD. I promise i'm not being paid by the band or anything, I just really like it that much!

Monday, October 03, 2005


Today on campus we had the obligatory visit from the Gideons. These are dudes who give you lil' mini bibles. Think of them as fun size! These guys are usually older, they see you, approach you, and say "Would you like a Bible"? Then as the awkwardness ensues you can either kind of giggle at the minute-ness of this little green word of the Lord and say "Sure!" or you can look like a pagan and say: " thanks." I said "Sure" and then felt sneaky or like I just stole something because I have 4 regular size bibles at home. One of them even has the apocrapha included for what I like to call the extended version. Anyways, in the back of my fun-size-bible are steps to become a Christian. Which got me thinking.....does anyone really take the free bible, open it up to the back and suddenly come to know God? I don't know. I think it's a good idea, however the Gideons methods are a little too old school for cynical college students. I mean, even I was a little creeped out and I knew a little bit about why the guys were there with mini bibles. My point is that handing someone a bible is not going to make them a Christian the same way handing me a cookbook will not make me a chef. The bible is the word of God and is not meant to be experienced like a sample in the deli isle. What people need is someone to show them what loving and being loved by Christ looks like. If that means giving them a bible, then let's do that. But until community and fellowship happen little green bibles will keep gathering dust.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Here's a good article from Relevant Magazine:

This issue of technology changing our lives is extremely interesting to me. Here's some examples from my personal life:

Since i've got the iPod I can hardly stand listening to the radio because of all the commerials. I control what is played and when. I do what I want!

Also, who out there actually KNOWS any phone numbers? Since my cell phone has all of them programed in, I couldn't get a hold of my Dad or Girlfriend, or hardly anyone for that matter if I were to lose my cellular device.

Hasn't things like AIM influenced the way we converse in person? Sort of like if you're on the computer, you're probably talking to more than one person at a time. SO, then it becomes about the next conversation. Your head is four different places at once so you're trying to get the crucial information about whatever it is you're talking about as quick as you can. Oh ya, and if you find yourself saying things like "brb" or saying "lol" instead of actually laughing, you need to turn off your computer right now. Go read a book or eat an apple. Seriously. Go. Right now.

I HATE writing things out by hand now. My handwriting has deteriorated and I get frustrated because hand written things are so inefficient! It takes so long! But at the same time isn't it so much better if you get a written note rather than an email?

Electronic stuff is definately putting a lot of convience and efficiency in our lives but we can't let it degrade our level of human interaction. Trust me, i'd rather go eat lunch with you than have you read my blog.

On a sidenote, Crowder's new album is sweet.

Another sidenote, I love applesauce. And cheesticks. Holy cow, I could eat like 4 string cheeses right in a row. Nutritionally, i'm still in the 4th grade. where did I put my cell phone.....brb

Monday, September 26, 2005

A Collision Is Coming

David Crowder* Band's new album drops this Tuesday, the 27th. You need to go out and buy it immediately. To my knowledge Target is going to carry it so you don' t have to pay $25 for it at a Christian Bookstore (for more stories about Christian bookstores, see "The Spittin' Image")

I downloaded it off of iTunes for $9.99. Now that is great. I feel like i'm in the future. CD's are out. Seriously, David Crowder is hands down the best Christian music out there right now. If you disagree, you should prayerfully reconsider.....just kidding.

On an exciting side note, it's my girlfriend and I's 7 month anniversary today!

Friday, September 23, 2005


First and foremost, Batman Begins will be released October 18th, 2005. (

So with the release of the DVD, the debate of the summer is resurrected. The debate is two-fold: 1. Who was the best Batman? and 2. Which is the best Batman movie of all time?

If you're a ture Batman fan, nay, Batfan then at this juncture you would include Adam West amongst your list of actor's to portray the caped crusador. Let us pause for a moment to be intentional of including Adam West, the original Batman on the 70's TV series. Ah, but thats just it, he was on TV which clearly would not put him in the same arena as the silver screen stars you might say. Not so fast my friend. The old school Batman movie, aptly titled "The Batman Movie" featured the TV series' trademark onomatopoeia (Bang! Whack! For further clarification see:

So, now that everyone is clear on why Adam West is included in the Best Batman debate, as is the 1966 full length feature film "The Batman Movie" let the Great Bat Debate begin. Here is my list:

Greatest Batman:
1. Michael Keaton (Batman, Batman returns)
2. Christian Bale (Batman Begins)
3. Adam West (The Batman Movie)
4. Val Kilmer (Batman Forever)
5. George Clooney (Batman and Robin)

Now, to me, Michael Keaton sits at the top of the list because he was believable enough in the actual bat costume, tough and just scary enough. However, where Keaton really soared was as Bruce Wayne. He had a type of charisma you just can't script. My vote for best actual Batman would be Christian Bale. Adam West gets the 3 spot because we have the same first name. Val and George are left to eat the crumbs from the table because their movies were bush league.

Greatest Batman Films:
1. Batman (1989)
2. Batman Begins (2005)
3. The Batman Movie (1966)
4. Batman Returns (1992)
5. Batman Forever (1995)
6. Batman and Robin (1997)

Keep in mind I was 5 years old when the first Batman was released, and I am proud to say my father and I made a special trip to Columbia to see it. I even recall eating lots of Batman cereal because if you found a special gold key you could win a power wheels Batmobile. I didn't win. Perhaps that is why I have a special affinity for the original Tim Burton film. I thought Batman Begins was fantastic. Saw it twice actually. Two days in a row! The Batman Movie gets number 3 because of the general campy-ness and also my fondness for it as a child. Batman forever was at least respectable with Jim Carrey and Uma Thurman co-starring. But Batman and Robin just doesn't work on many levels at all.

Now, in anticipation of the release of Batman Begins of DVD, I encourage you to keep other Bat Debates going with your friends at work, school, maybe even your family, but only discuss Batman related topics with your family if you can agree that it will not rip you apart, as discussion can be passionate and quite heated. If Grandma likes Batman and Robin the best, things might never be the same. Other Bat Topics could include:

Best Bat Costume (the nippled armor in Batman and Robin, horrible)
Best Bat Mobile
Best Bat Babe (Alicia Silverstone, Katie Holmes, and on a side note Kim Bassinger was my first Hollywood Crush)
Best Villain

Clearly, the Batman discussion will continue for decades to come. Post your thoughts, if you have any. Hopefully this very long post will not be in vain. Another sidenote, I am the proud owner of a Batman belt buckle. Beat that!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Has anyone else heard of My school just got it and lemme tell ya, it can consume your time.

I went back to my church in St. Louis this last weekend. It was a delight. I love the feeling of "being home"

Sunday, September 18, 2005

"The hairy guy in the back"

Ok, funny story time. I'm in spanish class last Friday at my university. This is no ordinary spanish class, its called an "ITV" class where our class in connected with another high school class in Lincoln Missouri. The professor teaches our class and they see it on a monitor in their classroom. Most of the time our class can see theirs on a monitor, and ocassionally the teacher will turn on our class camera so the class in Lincoln can see our class and we talk to each other in spanish. Still with me?

So we're sitting there asking each other "how old are you" in horrible Missouri accents. One member of the class designates another by what shirt their wearing, where they are sitting, etc.
Mind you I had showered right before class and my hair was, unkept to say it mildly.Suddenly the outspoken young lady in the front blurts out: "ASK THE HAIRY GUY IN THE BACK!"

Two of my buddies are in class with me, and immediately they lose it. Histeric laughter erupts from not only my college classroom, but in the classroom of the high school in Lincoln. Nothing is more defeating than knowing that people from around the state are laughing at you.

Shocked, appauled, insulted, and impressed by the audacity of this chick in the front I am rendered speechless. The only action I could muster was to physically get up and leave the room. I thought: "How funny would it be in the other people's monitor to just see the hairy guy in the back get up and leave?" So thats what I did. I used the restroom facilities, gathered my injured self-esteem, and returned to "la clase".

After class, my teacher was less than pleased with my reaction. I let her know I was less than pleased with her lack of chastising the insult hurling student. We left it at that. So now, i'm that guy: "The hairy guy in the back."

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cards vs. Cubs

Went to the last Cardinals Cubbies game at Busch on Wednesday. That dude on the right is my buddy from high school. It was great to be doing manly things together: eating nachos, hot dogs, talking sports, making fun of Cubs fans, carelessly tossing peanut shells every which way, and generally having a blast even though we lost 2-1. You know you had a good time when you spend $20 on food and you are excited about it.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Sort of makes rising gas prices a little easier to take, at least there aren't people rioting through my city's streets. Pray for New Orleans.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Things I Love, part I

I love applesauce. I could probably eat applesauce with any concievable meal. Add some cinnamon for a tasty delight.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sowing Seeds.

Every Tuesday at my school we have a campus-wide chapel service. This is a chance for anyone who chooses to come and have a time of worship @ 10am, every Tuesday. I've been helping to lead the music for a while. It's one of my favorite things about school, and jamming with the guys at school every week has gotten me through a lot.

The reason I say all this is that i've seen lots of chapels in my (almost) four years of school. The first Tuesday of every year is always....the first chapel! The funny thing about the first chapel of the year is that usually people are required to go. First year freshman and most of the athletic teams are required to at least show up. This is when you see the most pairs of headphones in chapel, the most people asleep, and generally the most confused or disgruntled faces for being there.

So the band started the service off. As we were playing I realized I don't think I had ever seen that many people at chapel before. It's a little scary to play worship music for people who don't listen to worship music, nay, can't stand worship music. Part of me was thinking: "wow, i'll bet some of these guys think i'm a total tool standing up here singing about God".

I started to be bitter about people being forced to attend chapel: "if they don't want to be here, they shouldn't be" started ringing in my head. At first I was enthused by so many people filling the pews of the sanctuary on campus, then I turned elitist because some people there might not "understand" anything about worship.

But then I prayed that God would use the time there to speak to people's hearts. I realized that chapel wasn't about me, or my guitar, or the powerpoint slides, or sport teams. The attention should not be on me, or the band but on God. For it is not my business to change people's hearts, but God's. Who was I to think that I had a monopoly on worshiping. How could I think that I was in a position to judge the hearts of the people who filled those pews? I asked God to help give me humility, to use me for his will.

Then this scripture came to mind....Even if people weren't Christian maybe chapel could be a time where they could encounter God. And ya know what, even if no one made any big life commitments or "saw the light" that doesn't mean we don't keep trying. Read this:
Matthew 13: 1-23
Or if you prefer to read it right there on your computer screen:

This is from a crucial website for all things biblical.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Chipotle, Chijuajua's, and the Price Is Right.

So this week I went back to college. College is always much more glamorous in the movies/TV. Really, it's as time consuming as it is expensive. It was cool to be back though and see all my bro-bro's. The highlight of my week was probably consuming a giant burrito in Columbia with some of my buddies (

Some buddies of mine live off campus and one of them got a chi-wa-wa over the sumer. His name is Jaws, its great. However Jaws took a giant leap off of the couch and ended up dislocating one of his shoulders! But he's got a little itty bitty splint for it, i'm sure he'll recover soon.

Another highlight of going to school has been assembling enough people to go to the Price Is Right. I HAVE 20 TICKETS! Here's the schedule: Now until May 5- Sr. year of College....May 6- Graduate College....May 7 DRIVE OUT TO LOS ANGELES....May 9- PRICE IS RIGHT....May 14- Resume full time at EUMC. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.

I'll try and update this more often too, past two weeks have been c-r-a-z-y. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


So, you need to check out this website:

I really learned a lot about myself and my annoying tendancies. Another great site to visit is:

Thanks to Johnny V. for this one. Who amongst us hasn't thought: "Hmm....its a bit chilly outside, should I wear a jacket?"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Spittin Image

Hey, this happened to me a couple days ago. Thought i'd share it with anyone who is interested....

A couple of youth and I were at a local mall to enjoy some Chic-Fil-A and then heading to the “Christian bookstore.” As a small caveat, I normally cringe when thinking about these establishments: Jesus fish erasers, WWJD oven mitts, and other objects of Christian consumerism (and overpriced objects at that) give me an uneasy feeling. Nonetheless this vendor of Christian paraphernalia carried a book I had unsuccessfully shopped for elsewhere.

When we walked in, I commented to one of my cohorts that I would hate to work at one of these Christian bookstores because if someone was a total jerk to you, it’s not like you could react negatively. I’ve never seen a Christian bookstore clerk cuss someone out.

As usual I meandered through some isles trying to avoid the stole section in search for the book I came to buy. I wanted to be in and out of there quick. I was unsuccessful in locating my desired purchase and asked an employee for help. She was indeed helpful. The “Christian Clerk” was perky, polite, and punctual in her assistance. She walked me to the appropriate section (which was a comfortable distance away from the novelty jewelry) and then we headed for the register.

I was in line behind another young gentleman and while he was being rung up by the same employee that assisted me I thumbed through my new book, read the back and inside covers, etc. As the guy in front of me walked out, with no apparent commotion I stepped up to the counter, looked down, noticed something was amiss and said: “Whoa, did someone spit on your counter?!” Up to this point, the kind young woman hadn’t noticed the stealth of the last patron.

The Christian Clerk then explained to me that he was upset because she wouldn’t let him return an opened CD and apparently he thought it appropriate to express his disapproval by emitting saliva before he left. As she was realizing what had just taken place, she started crying.

You have got to be kidding me. The youth I was with were at the front of the store and noticed my scrambling for how to react. I muttered: “Uuhh….do you have a towel or something?” I then proceeded to grab the Windex and paper towels from the sobbing girl’s hands and mopped up human saliva from a Christian bookstore register. I glanced at the employee’s nametag so that I could call her by name and explained that I thought she had been very helpful and that the anonymous spitter was a goon who had probably copied the CD to his iPod and was just trying to get his money back. I did all of this while trying to remain calm as a man reacting to a woman crying freezes up.

In the aftermath of the silent spit assassin, the youth and I went on a brief C.O.P.S. style search of the food court to find this guy and instruct him that spitting on a counter implies poor social and hygienic skills. To our disappointment he had left the mall, perhaps trying to rip off another Christian bookstore down the street.

Given my comment when I entered the store (the one about Christian bookstore employees having to be nice) it was ironic that I was an eye witness to an employee in a difficult/strange/gross situation. Initially the youth and I admired the poor girl who had to deal with a man spitting in her direct vicinity, for being such a “good Christian”. We talked about how we couldn’t believe that someone would do something like that in A CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE! *gasp* But it was then that I realized the “moral of the story”.

It shouldn’t matter that it was a Christian bookstore. There should be no heightened sense of moral conduct when you’re perusing Christian resources and novelties. No matter where you are, you should treat people the way Christ calls us to even when they spit in your face. If I was able to find that guy, approach him, and drop the a-hole bomb, what good would that have done? Believe me I wanted to. But would I have been any better than him? In chastising him for acting “un-Christian” I would have been perpetuating un-Christ like behavior.
That day at the mall I had an attitude check. I re-evaluated my understanding of my call to be the spittin’ image of Christ, whether I’m at a Christian bookstore or not.


Hey, lets see how this all works.