Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sermon from Sunday

My church kicked off a sermon series called "Missing the Point" last Sunday. We're looking at issues people outside the church have with Christianity, and in the second half looking at misconceptions Christians inside the church have.

I opened it up with a sermon on the question "Is the Church Homophobic".

If you'd like to listen, here is the link. I of course, welcome your feedback.


evangelineruth said...

Keeping love as the priority is definitely a freeing practice. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Deep down I cannot believe that sexual preferences other than heterosexuality are sinful. I realize this is not the official stance of the UMC and does not coincide with your (and many others') interpretation of the Scripture. I admire your honesty and it was nice to hear your voice. It had been awhile!
Peace and Love,

Professor RJ Gumby said...

Great message Mr. Musto! You have a gift for coherent thought and speaking. We are made Imago Dei and because we live in a broken world, sin fills our lives. The only issue I would raise, respectfully, with the gay rights groups is: Why lead with your sexuality? That is putting a false label on an individual and in effect substitutes for his Imago Dei in our culture. My friends are their own people with strengths and issues. Some of them happen to have homosexuality as one issue, but that is not the defining criteria of how I see them, just as I hope obnoxious hypocryte is not the defining way they view me. Your message was right on the money.

Anonymous said...

I understand everything you're saying, but my question remains: why do these desires exist if they are evil? I love God and believe I am created in his image. Are these desires from Him? Are we to ignore our feelings of desire? Is it wrong to establish a life-long relationship with a person of the same-sex that's as meaningful as one of the opposite sex? Can't God be a part of that relationship?