Sunday, September 18, 2005

"The hairy guy in the back"

Ok, funny story time. I'm in spanish class last Friday at my university. This is no ordinary spanish class, its called an "ITV" class where our class in connected with another high school class in Lincoln Missouri. The professor teaches our class and they see it on a monitor in their classroom. Most of the time our class can see theirs on a monitor, and ocassionally the teacher will turn on our class camera so the class in Lincoln can see our class and we talk to each other in spanish. Still with me?

So we're sitting there asking each other "how old are you" in horrible Missouri accents. One member of the class designates another by what shirt their wearing, where they are sitting, etc.
Mind you I had showered right before class and my hair was, unkept to say it mildly.Suddenly the outspoken young lady in the front blurts out: "ASK THE HAIRY GUY IN THE BACK!"

Two of my buddies are in class with me, and immediately they lose it. Histeric laughter erupts from not only my college classroom, but in the classroom of the high school in Lincoln. Nothing is more defeating than knowing that people from around the state are laughing at you.

Shocked, appauled, insulted, and impressed by the audacity of this chick in the front I am rendered speechless. The only action I could muster was to physically get up and leave the room. I thought: "How funny would it be in the other people's monitor to just see the hairy guy in the back get up and leave?" So thats what I did. I used the restroom facilities, gathered my injured self-esteem, and returned to "la clase".

After class, my teacher was less than pleased with my reaction. I let her know I was less than pleased with her lack of chastising the insult hurling student. We left it at that. So now, i'm that guy: "The hairy guy in the back."


Anonymous said...

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ANNA said...

HEY ADAM!! Its Anna Rector from youth! i remembered wat u told me tonite about ur blog so i just searched for it and found it! that girl did have some guts to pick on u for your excessive amount of hair! my goodness! i loved youth tonite! it was bunches of fun. man those stories were hilarious that we made up. i used a big word during that...terminate! cant wait to c u again! until then think about...samuel gompers! lol!

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