Friday, December 23, 2005

Shame on me

Ok, so basically it's been about 2 months since i've blogged. See, what happened is, I was kidnapped. Thats right. 3 large men in a van abuducted me. I thought I was too big to be kidnapped. Wait, maybe once you're not a kid anymore it's abduction and not kidnapping? I would usually associate abduction with Aliens, either way. They shoved me in the van and demanded I hand over my X-Box 360. It took me a month to convince them that I was not infact Adam Caldwell and that my X-Box had long since passed away.

But now i'm back, in a big way.

Lots of things have happened over the past couple through with finals, had a giant Christmas tree at the house in Fayette, saw U2 in St. Louis, had a great time in Ellisville/O'Fallon with lots of Christmas cheer, now i'm back home to kick it for the next few days. This is my last Christmas as "a student" and therefore my last excuse I have to still go in half and half with my sister for my parents Christmas gifts.

So i'm home with the family and we decide to go out to Target for a few things. Among them, a new "family game" Scene It. I'm actually looking forward to gathering round the fire/DVD player for a rousing family game night. Ah, to be young and crazy.

Anyways while we were there my Dad mentioned that Target is no longer hosting Salvation Army ringers. See this article here if you want details....

What I find interesting is the reasoning behind banning the salvation army. Is it because it's a "Christian" organization? Has the entire season been politicized to the point of banning organizations now? I would LOVE to see all kinds of kettles with shivering bell ringers, christian, muslim, secular, whatever.

If you go to Target's web page you'll be able to find this area, where you can partner with the salvation army without dropping any change into one of their kettles.

But this all seems a little fishy to me still. Banning ringers from their stores but adding a new section to their website. Perhaps this was after the PR fallout amidst "christian" groups calling for boycotts? I dunno. Maybe my family can talk about it while we play Scene It.


Adam Caldwell said...

Good to see you back at it. We will see how long you stick to it. Easy on the 360 jokes buddy.

adam mustoe said...

I only make 360 jokes because I secretly covet yours.