Monday, June 12, 2006

Long Time No See!

Hello all my blog people. I just got back from my first Choir Tour with our high school group, Great Awakening. Here are some highlights:

-Rode coasters at Kings Island, OH
-Spent tons of time with the kiddos
-Toured the White House, Senate building
-Saw Trent Lott, met Senator Jim Talent and U.S. Attorney General Roberto Gonzalez
-Stayed in a camper in the woods of West Virginia
-Danced like a goofball to keep the choir "smiling" but really laughing at me
-Holocaust Museam and Arlington National Cemetary, very moving and said, but great to experience.

So it's been quite a month for me, both coasts baby! More soon. Peace.

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Mrs. C said...

Hey, Kings Island is getting real close to my home town, Dayton, OH. You could've toured the Airforce Museum there. Sounds like you had a great trip and a wonderful experience with the "kiddies."