Monday, March 05, 2007

Back in the saddle

Hello all my blog people.

Well, this officially ends my longest blog drought to date. Much like my friend Adam, I don't think i'll come up with some big apology. I haven't really had the muse upon me to blog, there's been a period of trial and sickness both in our congregation and my family, plus, I just got my laptop fixed today (more RAM, system re-install...UH, YOU'RE WELCOME!).

Also, I came to to the realization that not much of what I say matters. The blog is a great way to function, communicate, vent, ponder, share, etc. All of those good things. But at the same time...if I don't post for a month the world somehow soldiers on. That being said, i'm back!

I just finished "Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches" and it was a good read. I also have been emersed in C.S. Lewis and got back my Sam Harris book from whom I leant it, so I've got some pretty good material lined up I think.

So, hopefully more will be coming. Thanks for checking back.


Adam Caldwell said...

Can it be a 'good read' if one listens to it?

Adam said...

No, the book title contains the word "Listening" and I read it, not the other way around

Adam Caldwell said...

Oh...that makes much more sense. Teaches me to read more carefully. Just think if that had been written like our new testament. no punctuations, capitols, or lower case letters. makes you wonder what we got.


Take that for instance. Yeah, I learn stuff while I'm here and then I simply regurgitate it like I have known it all along and pretend that I'm a genius. what what!