Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fantastic 4/The Dawkins Delusion

Saw Fantastic 4 on Sunday. It was a lot better than the first, which is great news considering the first F4 was right up there on the movie scale with Judge Dredd. The action was continuous and the movie didn't take itself too seriously. So, definitely worth seeing, but wouldn't be upset if I never saw it again.

Also, yesterday I bought The Dawkins Delusion. It was a short read, only 100 pages. Um, I guess it was "good". I was hoping for some entertaining stabs at Dawkins and really granular explanations of why his writings were crap. But, the author (Alister McGrath- one of the coolest names ever) was very courteous and relied on very masterful ways of dissecting Dawkins "God Delusion". So now it's on to "The God Delusion" which is thicker, and looks a lot cooler. I hope they'll be some good discussion out of that.

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Professor RJ Gumby said...

To hear Professor McGrath and Professor Dawkins mano a mano, check out the down loads at http://www.rzim.org/resources/audio_visuals.php

I hereby volunteer to be in the group who responds to Dr. Dawkin's "humorous broadside" with less wit, but more American crudeness.