Thursday, October 04, 2007

Last week wrap up

I know this is a little late. Most of the things I highlighted from last week should be well known as awesome without me having to provide specifics, but here-a-goes:

Halo 3- I call this "the Jack Johnson factor". Jack Johnson makes great albums. Sure, you might not be able to tell a huge difference but one to the next, but why would you want to? Same with the Halo games. They improved on some interfaces, provided some new weapons and sweet new vehicles, and basically just kept doin what they do. Well done.

Remedy, Crowder's new album- Unlike Jack Johnson, you can draw some differences between his different albums. My only complaint about this album is that its too short.

The Office season premier- You could make a case for The Office being the funniest show ever. It did not disappoint either.

Other stuff I've been thinking is awesome lately:

Streaming TV shows- The decision to say "screw you Charter" and go no cable was made MUCH easier by the fact that I can watch my two favorite shows online for free. PTI and The Office are both available on demand. It's a beautiful thing.

The Jive and Wail- It's a new dueling piano bar in St. Louis. I've never seen such a diverse group of people all together having a good time quite like that. From 21-70 everyone was jamming. (I wish the church could bring people together like booze and crass piano players do)

Facebook- Tonight I'm meeting up with my bff from elementary school. I'm actually really excited. He'd probably think it was creepy if he knew that: 1. I wrote about him on my blog and 2. referred to him as "my bff" on said blog.

Pillsbury Biscuits

My friend Steve's videos- We've been having a youth worship service the first Wednesday of the month for the past two months. As part of that we have "video liturgy". Click on the link to see the video.

Well, there's some tidbits for ya. Hopefully this was a more all around positive post. Peace up, A-Town down!

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