Thursday, July 02, 2009

Man Test Answers

I know you've been waiting, so here they are. Leave a comment for any answer you'd like to dispute.

1. Since roughly 2000 has been a string of “super hero movies”, some more successful than others. Name 5 Bonus point if you can also name the actor/actress who played the hero. *various answers*

2. The St. Louis Cardinals recently acquired third basemen Mark Derosa. Name his previous team: *Cleveland Indians*

3. One of your friends discovers something in the fridge that stinks, almost to the
point of causing vomiting. He offers you a sniff. Do you:
a. Scream “you’re crazy!” and run out of the room
b. Walk over to whatever is causing the stench and inhale deeply
c. Start crying
d. Pretend to sniff and fake a reaction, but you were really holding your breath

4. Albert Pujols is a perennial contender for the “triple crown”. Name those three offensive categories: *RBI, HR, AVG*

5. How often would you say you use the word “dude” on a daily basis?
a. Never
b. Accidentally, sometimes
c. Ocassionally/Socially
d. Dude, all the time!

6. Which of these would you rather eat?
a. Double cheese burger, onion rings, ice cold carbonated beverage
b. A lovely House Salad
c. Whatever Mommy is fixing for dinner
d. Pizza that is cold/left out on the counter/been sitting in a car for a day

7. What is the most appropriate Father’s day gift?
a. a tie
b. gift card to dad’s favorite restaurant
c. fishing pole
d. signing the card that Mom got

8. There are *5* lugnuts on a 17inch tire.

9. In 2009 White Castle is celebrating its ____ anniversary
a. 50th
b. 29th
c. 88th
d. 75th

10. Complete: “*5* Guys Burgers and Fries”

11. If you had $2.50 how many QT 32oz drinks could you afford? (not including tax) *5*

12. Which of these would you want to drive most?
a. 2003 Gold Chevy Malibu
b. 1962 Camarro
c. 2008 H2 Hummer
d. 2001Chyrsler Seabring Convertible

13. Mel Gibson played what Scottish national in the movie “Braveheart”:
*William Wallace*

14. What does “PTI” stand for? *Pardon the Interruption*

15. In what year did the AFL and NFL merge? *1970*

16. 1 point for every Bruce Willis movie you can name:

17. What was the name of Rocky’s opponent in Rocky I? *Apollo Creed*

18. How many championships has Phil Jackson won as an NBA coach? *10*

19. Darth Vader means “Dark Father” in what language? *German*

20. Who played the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Disneys “Toy Story”? *Tim Allen*

True or False, please circle one:

Terminator 3 was directed by James Cameron: True/False

Apple was originally founded by Larry Jobs: True/False

When faced with public flatulence the only option is to “hold it”: True/False

The darker the rind of an avocado the more ripe it is: True/False

Chevy offers 7 cars with 30+MPG: True/False

Starboard is the nautical term that refers to the left side of the vessel: True/False

Viscosity refers to he degree to which a fluid resists flow
under an applied force: True/False

Choose the most Manly:
Reading or Lighting stuff on fire

Root Beer or Pomegranite Limeade from Red Robin

Joe Jonas or Nick Jonas *neither! subtract points if you circled one*

Steven Seagall or Wesley Snipes (This was a tough one, but we went with Snipes because for a while he not only starred in fugative movies, HE WAS AN ACTUAL FUGITIVE from the US Government)

Gladiator or 300

Spiderman or Batman

Bottled Water or Hose Water

Powerwashing something or Showering

Using hair conditioner or Going to a tanning salon

Soccer or Knitting *also neither*

Yes or No?
Ketchup on steaks Y/N

Nickelback Y/N

“footlong” food items Y/N

Popped Collars Y/N

Miley Cyrus ringtone Y/N

Butter on movie popcorn Y/N

Congregating outside Chesterfield Mall on Friday nights Y/N

Meat garnished with other meat: ex chicken cordon blue or chili dogs Y/N

VW Bugs Y/N

Pedicures Y/N

Eating wings with a fork Y/N

When playing rock paper scissors, going on “shoot”
instead of just rock/paper scissors Y/N

“reduced fat” cookies Y/N

Bubble Baths Y/N

Blood baths Y/N

Chess Y/N

My Little Ponies Y/N

Sarah’s Cafe Y/N

Free refills Y/N

V8 Engines Y/N

V8 Splash Y/N

Online Banking Y/N

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Professor RJ Gumby said...

AFL-NFL merger actually happened in 1969, due to the Jets winning the Superbowl. The season was in 1970 but the merger happened in 1969.