Monday, March 06, 2006

Join the Club!

I have made a very tangible step towards full blown adulthood and all the mundane responsibilities that come with it. I have looked, selected, applied, and been accepted to an apartment complex in St. Louis. Myself and two buddies are newly approved residents in "Pine Tree Club Apartments". Thus, i'm in the club! Just a quick update on life.

Sometimes I wonder if i'm too laid back about things, or if it's lazyness. Went to, did some emailing, went and looked at about 4 places and picked one. *List of things to do* Find place to live....check.

Also, I should add a caviot to my cingular entry as I recieved a very luxurious phone in an extremely timely manor. Well done!

The $5.50 bin continues to amaze me....empire records!

Not much theology going on the blog, but plenty in my head.

Oscars were last night, I need to see Crash. I did however see Memoirs of a Geisha, which won multiple cinematography and costume design awards, so there.

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Adam Caldwell said...

Crash is really good. I wouldn't mention the Geisha thing to too many people though.