Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sign of the times/I told you so!

First of all, I totally ripped this off from the relevant magazine website. So, there it is.

Check out this article about KFC constructing a giant 87,000 sq. foot logo that you can LITERALLY see from space!

How ridiculous to think that people would be motivated to eat at KFC by a giant sign being built. Hhhmmm.....where have we talked about this before?

People don't eat at KFC because their logo needs updating. People don't eat at KFC because they legally can't refer to chicken in the restaurant as the meat they serve is a turkey/chicken hybrid.

THE-CHURCH-TRYS-THIS-SAME-THING. It's the same. It is. Come eat our chicken=come sit in our worship service. Col. Sanders=Whatever we plaster up outside our building to get people in the door. It's madness!

Although, being able to see a sign from space is a lot cooler than "Don't make me come down there."-God.

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