Friday, November 03, 2006

Why I Suck

Sorry if the title offends anyone. But I have a great example of me being dumb.

Like most people, i'm often tired. Yawning in the middle of the day, slow motor reflexes, just plain sleepy a lot. So this past Saturday night should've been a glorious opportunity to catch up on some sleep. We got an extra hour right! What do I do? I figure I can just stay up an hour later. Which is what I did. Next morning i'm just as tired as before.

Most of the problems in my life have come because of my lack of discipline. Finances, "spiritual life" (i'm not sure I like the terminology, but whatever for now), and my health all suffer because I suck at being disciplined.

Just throwin that out there.


Dad said...

Hi Adam,

"Suck" is such a harsh word. Maybe you could say, "Opportunities God has to work in my life." Your comments do prove the point that we are not at our best when we are physically tired.

Frankly, son, you have never been the most disciplined person. But that is the very reason they call it "discipline." It doesn't come naturally to you so you will have to work at it a bit to make it a part of you.

However, God making you right-brained oriented, has made you super creative, strongly compassionate, musically gifted, and naturally talented. Also, God has placed his heart in you and you are a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. I'll take those gifts and personality traits over a disciplined person anytime.


Adam said...

i'm gonna cry!