Monday, January 08, 2007

Dallas and Darwin

Ok, a late night rant is good. I haven't dabbled in sports too much since the Cards World Series victory (!) so here it goes.

Tony Romo. Dudes, this is a product of the hype. Let's recap shall we? Romo has like, 4 good games, one 5 touchdown game. He can move better than Bledsoe, and was rumoured (British spelling!) to have dated Jessica Simpson. Then, the Cowboys lose 4 of their last 5 games, lose their division, back into the playoffs and you botch the game winning field goal snap. Nice work for a bench player who got a quick ticket to the pro bowl. Ugh. I'm so tired of hearing about Romo, T.O., and all other things about the Dallas Cowboys ending in the letter "O". You had a nice run for about a month Romo, but i'm glad we're done with you for the year.

Notre Dame. I'm sorry, they're not that good. Who did they play this year? Nobody! A mildly tough away game against Georgia Tech to open the season where they managed to chalk up two scores. A win against UCLA, which is only significant because the Bruins beat USC the last game of the season, but then is negated by the fact that USC stuck it to the Fightin' Irish. Notre Dame is another product of the hype. They're simply not that good. Maybe take care of business against Michigan, USC, or LSU and then you can merit all the chatter on sports talk shows, until then i'm tired of them too. What would have been perfect is if Tony Romo had played at Notre Dame.

Ironically, we talked at youth group tonight about some of the similarities between Sports and the Church; a pretty good discussion!

Speaking of which, i'm still percolating on "Letter to A Christian Nation". Here's one thing I don't understand: How can you claim that man is product of biological hapenstance then subsequently claim that he should behave anything but instinctly like any other animal on the planet as a result of the same process? In other words, if man is a simple animal and you believe in Darwin's natural selection, then nothing in our lives should be anything except self preservation and the perseverence of the species. Darwin can explain why butterfly's have spots on their backs but not why you love your wife.

C.S. Lewis makes his case for this with his explaination of the moral law, or man's nature. More on that and better articulation about my thoughts on "Letter to a Christian Nation" soon.


Matt said...

I (and others as well) have been saying this for years. Notre Dame NEVER plays anyone. They beat up on the likes of Army and Air Force and they're always Top 10 - even a Heismann candidate every now and then. It's a bunch of garbage.

I worked with a couple of Penn Stater's in a previous job - at the time when the Nittany Lions went from playing a "Notre Dame - like independent schedule" to playing a Big Ten schedule. Just so you know, I went to 2 Big Ten Universities. I remember them saying "we'll show you how it's done now". Someone else might correct me on this, but I think that Penn State has only won the Big 10 once (1994) since joining!

Put Notre Dame in a decent conference and we'll find out how good they are!

St. Peter's UCC said...

Adam - big kudos for tackling Sam Harris' work. I mean to, but haven't gotten to it yet. Church :-)

I'm pretty into a field called evolutionary biology, where scientists and philosophers seek to understand human behavior in its relation to evolutionary processes. In short, our "instincts" are much more complex than we usually assume - we have both the "devils" of violence, competition, and ruthless advantage-seeking and "angels" of cooperation, care for others, and (yes!) love - all within our biological nature.

Robin Wright's "The Moral Animal" is my best recommendation in this area. Again, big props for stretching yourself, and your readers, in this way!


St. Peter's UCC said...

Here's an interesting link that's mostly related;

(will expire Jan 27)

I didn't think about this before, but humans are the only primate species with large "whites" in our eyes. This guy thinks the reason is so that we can better cooperate with each other. -h