Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kingdom Blogging

Ok, so I have lots of "churchy" friends who should be all over this question:

What does the Kingdom of God mean to you?

I'm speaking at our men's retreat this weekend. No, I'm not waiting until the last minute. But the thoughts of my friends/blog readers would be great!


Dru said...

I like to keep things simple as much as possible, so my short answer is -- the Kingdom of God is at hand, not something that people should dream of as their eternity in heaven. As servants of Christ, it is our responsible to further the Kingdom right now. However, figuring out how to do that is not as simple.

Dru said...

Oh -- I forgot to mention that I laughed outloud multiple times while reading your earlier apology post to your Dad. Then, I started laughing again while I told Adam about it in the car this weekend.

Thanks for making me bust a gut.

Adam Caldwell said...

I think the Kingdom of God is wrapped in the Shema of the Old Testament: "Here oh Israel, the Lord Your God is One, Love the Lord with all your heart soul, mind and strength." And then of course the most crucial addendum added by the Christ..."Love your neighbor as yourself."

The orthopraxy of this commandment is the tricky part, as my lovely wife pointed out. We can, indeed, live in that Kingdom in the Here and Now, but the total, utter fulfillment of the Kingdom is Yet to Come. As Paul says, we see through the glass darkly and the world, or at least our view of it is distorted.

That help?

Kara said...

For me, the Kingdom of God is something that I'm constantly adding to the definition of. Each new experience in my life gives me a new understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Adam said...

Dru, Adam, and Kara thanks for your thoughts, I'm definately going to be doing some cutting and pasting!

Also Kara, I meant to tell you thanks for commenting so much, I really respect your thoughts and am flattered you would take the time to read this and then comment!

Adam and Dru, the same goes without saying to you two!

Kara said...

You make me laugh, inspire me, and all the above, So I am happy to try and help whenever asked of the people who read this. :)