Sunday, March 30, 2008

You've got to be kidding me!

Its been a crazy couple weeks at church, in a good way. I can't complain about long hours, because we've got plenty of volunteers putting in as many; and sometimes more!

But tonight it was about 8, and it was time to go home. Time to go, enjoy some beverages, play some xbox, and not think about anything important. So I stopped to drop off a laptop my friend had left at church.

I pull in.

Turn off my car. Leave the keys in the ignition, no big deal right? In and out.

Grab the computer.

Walk to the door. Give him the computer.


Here's a picture taken in context, to give you an idea of my mood:

After sighing multiple times, cursing only a couple times, and resolving that the Malibu's days are numbered; my friend Steve and I weighed the options. He then proceeds to successfully pry open the door with a screwdriver just enough to slip in a coathanger he fashioned into this apparatus:

The fact that he successfully snagged the power lock latch turns this shameful event into a pretty cool story. But, c'mon, your car randomly locking itself?


Dru said...

At least your car came to life to screw you, and you weren't responsible for locking your keys in your car as I was... I was at a gas station in St. Charles, filling up before going to work, and was desperate enough to walk up to a trucker and say, "You look handy. Will you please help me?" He asked if I had a coat hanger in my trunk, I kindly reminded him that if I could unlock my trunk I wouldn't need his help, he found a coat hanger from another driver, and proceeded to rescue my keys as your friend Steve did.

My situation was created by my own stupidity -- yours was by the annoyance of an old car. You win.

Oh -- Mustina is kicking like a soldier. I hope we get to see you this week so you can feel for yourself.

Margaret Feinberg said...

Yikes! I didn't even know that was possible.