Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 Lists of 5

Hey gang. Long time no post. Here's a little something.

5 reasons I haven't blogged lately:
-Led worship on Sunday morning for 3 weeks
-Preached last Sunday
-Fantasy Football time eats into blog time
-Launched a new worship service
-Am married now, so blog time at home is not as plentiful. I'm not as bored!

5 things I am excited about:
-Office premier tonight
-Getting cable installed today
-Just got some new frames after 3 years, with my wife's sweet sweet teacher insurance
-Iron Man on DVD/Body of Lies coming out in a couple weeks
-My buddies Diffey and Crystal are getting married this weekend

5 things I would normally be embarrassed to admit:
-I actually enjoy watching "Dancing With the Stars"
-I downloaded, and often listen to "When You Believe" by Whitney and Mariah
-Sarah and I refer to "Wheel of Fortune" as "our show"
-My favorite item from Shake's in Columbia was called "The Pink Poodle"
-I still have a deep desire to play with Legos

5 Political/Current Event Comments:
-If Sarah Palin wasn't hot, she wouldn't be as big of a deal. Just sayin.
-If we are in such a financial crisis, why have there been like, 8 new banks built all over the place?
-Missouri currently may have the worst sports teams combined in history: Cards/Royals- not in the playoffs. Rams/Chiefs- two worst teams in the NFL. Blues- sucked it up last year, and currently have a "whatever it takes" campaign going. On the bright side, we do have Mizzou football, but that doesn't count towards the professional ranks.
-I find campaign ads insulting to the public's intelligence. Whether its McCain/Obama or Missouri Governor ads, they both say the other will raise taxes and that they've lowered taxes.
-The Zooperstars are awesome. I think mascots are hilarious.

5 Bold Predictions:
-The Presidential debate this Friday will be the highest rated ever.
-The Office Season 6 will be its last.
-Within 15 years, the Methodist Church will split over the issue of homosexuality.
-The San Diego Chargers will rally from a 1-2 record to win the Super Bowl, and LaDanian Tomlinson will retire.
-People will finally realize the futility of offshore drilling and by 2012 we will have alternative fuel stations (I almost wanted to say Gas stations...)


Dru said...
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Adam Caldwell said...

cable? really?

Professor RJ Gumby said...


In the words of Mr. Bill "OOO NOOOOOOOO! We won't see Adam on line any more.

Also, at one time, just to show you how long it has been on, "Wheel of Fortune" was Marcy and my show when we were first married. Now its "House Hunters" on HGTV. Beware the cable!

Kendra said...

Kelly was right! In the absence of her blog, your blog has sustained my need to read the opinions of others. Thanks!!