Friday, September 26, 2008

In Defense of Cable

Ok, so all my buddies are doggin on me now because I caved and got cable?

Here's the thing, previously my buddies and I would just sit and veg in front of ESPN and never say anything. Thus, TV eroding at community.

But Sarah and I find ourselves at home quite a bit, and would like to enjoy several shows together. Thanks to the DVR we can. For instance, I have band practice on Thursday nights. So, we record the Office, and watch it when I get home. Or, Sarah can now join in on the "Project Runway" discussions in the teacher's lounge. Thus, TV building community.

PTI is no longer on by the way, they're promoting the audio podcast instead.

We do actually save money on Internet, but then we turn around and spend it on the cable.

We got a Toshiba HD TV for our wedding, and it would be silly not to use it to its fullest potential.

So there it is. I went for a year, it was good. But its good to be back. BB, you gotta help me out here.


Adam Caldwell said...

I have to say that I thought you would come up with something a little better than this. These seem pretty weak to me considering you can watch all of those shows online, which you are already paying for the internet...I'm not trying to hate, although it may appear that way, I just don't want what happened to Dru and I our first year of marriage to happen to you ya!

Dru said...

Good grief -- he makes it sound like we separated or something.

Simply put: when Adam and I had cable for a couple of months when we were first married, we realized that we spent most of our free time at home watching TV. That led to less conversation together and more bickering.

For us, cable was not a healthy choice. If it works for you guys, hooray. Just don't do what we did and wait 4 months before you realize there's a problem.

Adam Caldwell said...

oh there's about to be some bickering up in here...