Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flip the Script

Here is an article I saw on today.

A man expressed displeasure at Buddha statues at the KC zoo.

Now, this man is a Christian and said that the statues were "infuriating to God". But consider what he said: “We can’t have a cross or a nativity scene on public property,” said Engle of Overland Park, who complained to a zoo employee. “It is phenomenal to me that the zoo would put up Buddha statues.”

In my estimation, Buddha statues are like the sign of the cross. When they sell them at Urban Outfitters, you can pretty much say their original intents have been thrown out the cultural window. The zoo was going for an "Asian theme around the Tiger Trail" so they put up Buddha statues.

Here's my questions:
Where's the ACLU on this one? What if that would have been the 10 commandments instead of the Buddha? How would we view this article if the objecting man wasn't a Christian?

Frankly, I couldn't care less if the 10 commandments were on display at any courthouse in America. But I do find it fascinating the way these things differ in how they are treated and how much attention they get.

(un-related side note. I hear a lot of people say the phrase "I could care less". But I don't think thats right, because you're saying that there is some amount of caring. I think the proper idiom is "I couldn't care less" because you're saying there no way you could care any less.)

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