Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interesting Video

Penn is very candid here.

Its funny, I've heard Christians say some of the same things Penn does here. I've even got into some feisty discussions around this same topic; the whole "if you knew someone was about to get hit by a truck" thing; or "if you someone had a disease and you had the cure" deal. More on this later...

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Professor RJ Gumby said...

Interesting comments from Mr. Gillette. It brought to mind a debate I have on DVD between John Lennox and Richard Dawkins. Here is Dawkins the fiery atheist, who you would expect to be very caustic and disdainful, going against the very grandfatherly Lennox. Perhaps it was the fact that Lennox probably has more credentials as a scientist and mathematician, but I think it was more due to his approach to Dawkins. He and Dawkins were colleagues at Oxford and apparently friends. They had their points of contention, but they also appeared to respect each other. It made for a great debate. Lennox would peer over his glasses, and smile at Dawkins trying to goad him into inflammatory statements. If I had been sitting on the fence over the entire question of God's existence, Lennox would have made me want to at least check out his writing, and maybe even check out one of the Gospels.

Sometimes you can take down what might be a barrier of resistance with sincerity and humility. I think Jesus did that on a couple of occasions.

Thanks for showing the clip.