Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Little Things.

I'm going post crazy today, two in one day! I actually had planned to blog on this, but then I struck and killed a turtle...

Anyways, I'm going to list stuff that I think is awesome. Go ahead and leave a comment and add one if you'd like. This is a "easy fun silly" blog, check out to see some discussion about Homosexuality and the Methoidist Church, or the church in general...i've yet to contribute but it's very thought provoking, no matter where you stand on the issue.

Ok, on to the list:

1. The concept of using meat to garnish other meat. Wow, this is a big one for me. What a great idea! The best example is, the chili dog (which some would not consider meat, but I do). You've got your hot dog containing various beef/pork products AND THEN you top it with beef chili, MORE MEAT! Chicken 'Cord-on-Blue' is another great example. Please pardon my redneck spelling, just trying true to the roots and too lazy to look it up.

2. Paying with exact change. I love being at a register and having EXACTLY $9.64. Then the whole getting change step is gone, and you're on your way. A close second is when you have just the change, and not the bills, that way you get a clean two dollars back if you give them 10.32 and it's only 8. I somehow feel like i'm saving money in this process.

3. Getting the last of something. You're at the store, shopping for whatever, shirt or beverage, I dunno, and you get the last one! Not that I like other people being denied their product, but I like that I almost was, but was not. This could also count in cases of last piece of pizza, last soda in the fridge pack, last cheese stick, etc.

4. Gift Cards + Sales= Bliss! Several generious and gracious people gave me gift cards for my birthday/graduation. I got one to Chesterfield Mall and got TWO really nice shirts and 3 plain white undershirts for $40!!!! It was great!

5. Free refils.

6. Good parking places.

7. Snow days, sadly I haven't had one in years. But those were like the pinnacle of my existence.

8. Turning to exactly the right page the first time.

9. Automatic ice thingies built into your fridge door. We didn't have these growing up, but some of my friends did. I was always jealous. Such cool, refreshing ice and water, right there any time you want.

10. Cruise control.

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