Wednesday, May 03, 2006

R.I.P. Little Guy

I dunno what the deal is but the turtles were out in full force today. On the way home from Columbia this afternoon, I saw THREE turtles. Not one, or two, which would already be many more than i've seen in two years, but THREE. Unfortunately only two of them survived...

Driving along 240 I spotted something small and brown in the road, I figured it was a cup or something, no big deal. (round these parts trash or roadkill is far from uncommon) But as I approached the object in question, I saw that it was in fact a turtle, this really was evident as his neck protruded, trying to avoid the bu (my car).

I felt horrible, still do. I love turtes, I had one when I was young. I have lots of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle memorabilia (sp?). I've never had turtle soup, nor do I advocate eating any turtle products or any process in which a turtle suffers.

Based on my observation, I'm pretty sure it was a standard Box turtle, common in Missouri, as shown above.

So, now i've got to figure out some way to honor the turles memory. I was pretty disturbed: hearing the sound of the little guy being crushed by my tire, and the horror of seeing a little fist sized animal thrown up in the air and splatter onto the highway, as a result of my actions. By the time I saw him, I tried to move but it was too late.

Sorry little buddy.

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Mrs. C said...

Poor little fella...hey Adam, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RECENT GRADUATION. Have fun with Bob Barker!!!