Saturday, May 13, 2006

Quick Update

Hello everyone. Right now it's 2am. I'm in Chicago. Yesterday I was in Arizona, the day before that, Cali. Well, snap lemme just lay it out real quick.

Saturday 5-6: Graduate CMU.
Sunday 5-7: Leave Fayette.
Monday 5-8: Las Vegas, Los Angeles
Tuesday 5-9: Taping of Price is Right, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica
Wednesday 5-10: Grand Canyon, AZ
Thursday 5-11: Worlds Biggest McDonalds, Back in Fayette
Friday 5-12: Chicago, Girlfriends Sister's Graduation from Lake Forest College.
Saturday 5-13: Chicago, Back to St. Louis
Sunday 5-14: Start new life.

So, that's about 4,500 miles in the past week. Lot's of great material for blogging. Things are really great. I didn't get on the Price Is Right, but my friend Abby did! She won $6,000 and a very nice desk. I'll try and post some of the cool pics I got too. Adulthood, here I come baby.

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