Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lessons from Desperado

Hello all my Antonio Banderas loving blog people.

In high school, one of my favorite movies and I guess still a favorite was Desperado. Antonio is simply the man. I know its violent and graphic and there's over 80 deaths (we counted) any movie that features a rocket launcher guitar case pretty much gets a free pass for me.

There was however a nugget of truth in the midst of machismo- a quote from the mariachi himself:

"You know it is easier to pull a trigger than to play the guitar. Easier to destroy than create."

I really like that. A lot of times on the blog and just in my life in general i'll go on rants about how lame stuff is. Or i'll see a movie and just rip it apart. I can be VERY critical of lots of things- music, other people's habits, and especially church.

But isn't what Antonio said true? It IS easier to hate than to participate.

I can blast guys like Stephen Curtis Chapman for all the cheese, but what have I done? How many lives have I touched with music?

Go to the mall and listen to people, observe them. There's all sorts of material there. People are so shallow, so superficial, just plain funny. But how is THAT a good use of my efforts?

Just the other day I lambasted (sp? is this even a phrase? I think I heard it somewhere...) street signs. Ultimately...who cares what I think! I've never tried to name a street, i'll bet its hard. I still wouldn't have picked Thunderhead Canyon...but whatever.

So if you go to and read some articles critiquing society or the church it's real easy to become cynical. I touched on it in the John Mayer interview. It's easy to say "the fight ain't fair" but it's never gonna be.

Ok, time to go eat Boneless Buffalo Wings for 50cents...but more later!

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