Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Various Things

1. Finished The Divine Conspiracy. Dang. Actually, it was a book on tape, after which I purchased the normal book format. Just to give you an idea of how good it was....Dallas Willard himself narrated. A 60-some year old professor, not exactly James Earl Jones, or the chick from The Nanny. But his content was good enough to where his very normal, but very boring voice did not cause me to veer off the road in a narcoleptic fit.

2. Finished Traveling Mercies by Anne Lomott. It was ok. I would have liked her better before reading Donald Miller. She was funny and cussed some, which kept things interesting.

3. Picked up The Great Omission. By the aformentioned Dallas Willard. Dude, whats up with the fruit?

4. Had an AWESOME weekend in Kansas City. Maxin and relaxin with the fam- special lady friend included. It was my first time home without Harley which was sad. However it was nice to have people that love you enough to have cold Dr. Peppers waiting for you when you roll up.

5. John Mayer's new album comes out next week. It's been speculated by various magazine's that he and Jessica Simpson are now an item. I somehow see a connection between a new record and new relationship buzz, but we won't even get into that. What I WILL get into is my John Mayer theory. You see, John Mayer could never date Jessia Simpson. He would explode for overloading his coolness capacity. It is in fact, physically impossible for one man to be that cool. He is a handsome fellow (disputed by some, but whatever) He is maybe the greatest musician of my generation- he can sing, but lots of people can do that. He can play, lots of people do that, although not nearly as well as him. But he can WRITE, so well. HE DOES ALL THREE SO FREAKING GOOD! COME ON MAN, SAVE SOME TALENT FOR THE REST OF US! So, dating Jessica Simpson would simply be more cool than any single man could handle. It's as simple as that. Mark my words, if they start dating he will disintigrate.

6. Sorry for referencing the cover of People magazine. I normally don't do that, but in the check-out line at Dierbergs, I just can't resist sometimes.

7. Audioslave's new album came out this week. Gotta check that out.

8. One more time, check out the new blog site. I think in 5 years this will be the premier way of doing lots of things. So, even if this doesn't "take off" we're gonna keep truckin!


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