Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ok, i'm back

Buffalo Wild Wings was very tasty by the way. 50cent boneless wings should be a holiday. Anways, back to the hating game.

It's so easy to just tear down rather than build up! I think a lot of times people my age, shoot, maybe any age, get discouraged or just plain cynical because we don't see an anvenue of change. Thats pretty much what Mayer is talking about in "Waiting for the World to Change" it's just much catchier than this blog.

You turn on the news, you see all the crap thats going on in the world. You go to church or any committee meeting and just see how the way we do things is so warped and petty. You watch specials on global warming and feel guilty about driving a car. You watch documentaries of sweat shops and look at your shoes, realizing you're part of the cycle. Thats a lot of guilt!

So what is there to do?

You gotta control what you can, which is yourself. It's easy to sit on the couch and bag on the administration for our country being at war, but what about the anger in our hearts against people we know? Thats the same thing that leads to war, just on a tiny tiny level ya know?

Ok, segway.

See, there's a lot of feelings out there about getting people into church. Creating "Worship +1" Christians, as in they're in worship for an hour plus something else for an hour. I work at a church, I want people there too! But I think we're missing the point because, and PLEASE pardon the late 90's phrase here...but Jesus calls us to be 24/7 Christians. I really am sorry to say 24/7, but there it is. This to me is how the church has warped the gospel...get people into a building for two hours and we guess things will get better.

Jesus didn't just complain about the system, he challenged it with his actions. He was the change he saught. So while it's easy yak about whats wrong with this or that....who cares until you do something? So what exactly do you do? Live it. Live the way Jesus calls us to. Easy to say, hard to do. It takes time and can't be boiled down and discected for an hour on FOX News.

I think our culture really exaults talking heads. I mean look at Bill O'Reily or if you wanna go to the other extreme Al Franken. Those dudes just talk about stuff. Big deal. Roger Ebert critiques movies. Why doesn't he make one and we'll see how good it is? See what i'm sayin? We put attach all this esteem and authority into what these dudes have to say. Ugh. Even now as i'm bagging on dudes that just talk about stuff...while in actuality it's ironic because I'M just talking about stuff! aaarrrggg!

Alright, this has been a ramble. Hopefully there's something in there for you guys. It's midnight and i'm doing laundry. I'll try and be more coherrant next time!

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