Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Survival of the Beardest

My friend from church Matt told me the other day he had been missing my facial hair salutes, I was flattered he would even remember, so here is a Dandy.

This one is for you Charles Darwin. I'm not sure what would take longer- for intelligent life to emerge from a primordial soup, or me coming even remotely close to competing with that big, beautiful, naturally selected beard of yours.

That beard is simply a beut. I only hope that as the sands of time press on that we humans grow more and more adapted to growing giant beards like Mr. Darwin's.


Adam Caldwell said...

go watch this now!

Matt said...

What a classic! Darwin must not have been married. I can't imagine that my wife would let me out of the house with that "naturally selected" facial forrest.