Monday, June 02, 2008

"The centrality of Christ to all of history and to the meaning of human existence invites us into Jesus Christ, through whom we read the entire Bible from beginning to end. As pastors of the Word, there is a strong need to soak ourselves in the Triune story of God with its detailed exposition of the central role of Christ in the greatest drama of human history- the drama of God who becomes one of us to rescue the world. This theme of God's rescue of us all- not inspirational topics, motivational speakers, or massive therapy sermons- needs to be recovered as the central message of our church. This is not only the apostles way of reading and preaching the scripture, it is also the way of the ancient fathers and, for the most part, the churches that do an ancient-future worship"

-Robert E. Webber, "Ancient Future Worship", pg. 121

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