Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life Changes

Well, I'll be married in 3 days.

I don't want to turn into the "always the guy talking about his marriage" guy, but it is a huuuuuge deal.

My best friends are all coming to town (except the Caldwell's, for acceptable reasons: childbearing) and I'm very excited to have everyone here. My parents get to see our new church, which I'm also excited about, and I'm going to two Cardinal games.

So, more later!


Dru said...

I think the guys who don't talk about their upcoming marriage are actually giddy about it and just too embarrassed to say it...

I rejoice in your anticipation! It will be an amazing day, and you're right -- it is a huge deal. Your marriage will set up all the wonderful things that will happen in your life with Sarah from now on.

By the way, for what it counts, I'm sorry I couldn't pop this kid out early... I was kind of hoping that would happen so Adam could be there on your big day.

Jessica said...

adaaaammm!!! i bet you're gettin nerrrvouss... all that pressure...

call me in a few weeks when you're dialed back in to society. we'll chat.

i'm so happy for you and love you very much!