Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Out this week

Hello friends.

I will be on tour with our high school youth choir this week, so blog productivity should dip drastically!

So I leave you with this:


Dru said...

I know you're gone on a church trip, but I wanted to leave a message saying how excited I am for you!!!

It's hard to believe that our Mustoe will be a married man two weeks from now... It breaks my heart that I won't be there to witness it, but I will continue to think about and pray for you and Sarah as your special day gets closer.

Professor RJ Gumby said...

Thank you for the video. I can now freak out my son with alternate laughing and evil face. I guess I am no longer cute, but I seem to enjoy the torture aspect.

The Millers-Because we like it Original! said...

Oh, GOOD TIMES. I was sitting on the front porch watching this- (because it's nice outside) and (dunno why I said that, I just did) and the mail lady came up just as I was snorting all over it. She kinda grinned, and then she wanted to see, so picture this: Two women, one in Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile Pjs, the other with the funky banana jungle hat on, snorting incessantly (sp?) at the baby glare face. Good times.