Friday, December 01, 2006

Casino Royale/Snow Storm

We have a winner! The new Bond movie is worth all of the $7.50 it cost to view. I would see it again today.

The new dude Daniel Craig...I was a little skeptical about. I'll come out and say it, i've been a Pierce Brosnan fan since Mrs. Doubtfire. But he's the new Bond for sure. Craig has some gnarley looks, yet cleans up well. I'll let other female viewers go into more phsyical observations, but he had the "i'm so smooth I could kill you and not even wrinkle my tux" effect down nicely.

I'm not much of a critic, so I won't go into detail. Let it suffice to say that I own multiple Steven Seagall movies, so i'm fairly easy to please. I'm a sucker for some explosions, fighting, chases, and a couple one-liners. "Casino" had all of*gasp* an actual plot, character development, suspense, and witty dialogue! It re-casts the series a la "Batman Begins", another recent favorite. I'm more familiar with Bond spoofs Austin Powers than I am the actual series itself, but Casino had a good mix of obligatory omages (sp?) to the series while also taking it in a newer, more you-know-what-kicking direction without being cheesy. Not to compare too many times, but the last couple Batman movies were parodying themselves, and the Bond series was headed that way too (invisible cars? c'mon.) All the gadgets and product placement were still there, but the movie was still taking itself serious enough.

The other part of yesterday was that we got a ridiculous shot of winter weather. Me and me buddies were 3 of probably 45 people in the mall total, and on the way out we helped push some kids out of a snow drift. They had tried to take their Camry "off roading" in the snow-piled parking lot and had gotten stuck upon entry.

So not only did we see a great movie, but we saved someone a call home to Mommy. Just like Bond would've done.

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