Thursday, December 21, 2006

The roof the roof the roof is on fya'

Right now i'm typing on my laptop in a hallway in my apartment. There's many large men working on the roof, and they've taken off our skylight. Thus exposing my sleepy self directly to their unhindered glances. I live upstairs in the loft, and so these guys could literally watch me change or read or pray or whatever it is i'm doing in my room at the time. Ok, my roomate is up and i've moved into his room. Yikes, that was close. I did overhere some Van Halen "Jump" a second ago from the stereo blasting from the roof directly into our living room as there are no fixtures to dampen the sound, that and the fact that our roof won't leak anymore are the only plusses so far.

I guess this could be a good segway into a deep reflection about the passage of scripture where the dudes lower their friend through the roof to have Jesus heal him, but I won't. I'll just say I can understand if the owner of the house was mad about it. They didn't have boom boxes back then though, so I dunno.

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