Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It Is Finished.

Hello all my blog people.

Sorry I haven't posted pretty much all of advent. I think you'll forgive me though.

I'm engaged.

Tuesday, December 19. Powell Symphony hall at the Bach Society Christmas Candlelight Concert following a lovely meal on The Hill (area of town, not an actual geographical feature, although it's that too...)

I'd never seen Sarah so happy, or felt so happy myself. So, more on other topics soon. But for right now that's whats goin on!

Check out the ice.


Sarah said...


Professor RJ Gumby said...

Congratulations Sarah and Adam...what a cool time of year to get engaged!

The House of Watson sends best wishes and prayers for a great wedding and and an even better life. God's blessings to you both!

We OMF's look forward to someday welcoming you to the club.

Scott & Marcy Watson

Adam said...

OMF's=Old Married Folks I assume. I thought someone was gettin all Samuel L Jackson on me!!!! hiyo!

Dustin said...

congrats my brotha

Anonymous said...


When is the date?

You sure will have enough ministers to perform the wedding and also to be there.

Professor RJ Gumby said...


Old Married Folks


Old Married F*RTS

Your choice...