Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone. Gettin ready to sit down to some Christmas dinner. It's good to be with family. Here's the present highlights of the day:

electric blanket
ESPN Scene It
"How Then Shall We Live"

So now it's two days of eating and wii'ing before my betrothed one arrives and we have Christmas Round 2! It's good to be me.

Here's something to ponder: Whats the meaning of a gift these days? Do you gift card or not? Some say the gift card doesn't reflect any time or effort and is thus a copout. I say you're just lettin them pick out what they want. Discuss...


EyeRytStuf said...
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EyeRytStuf said...

I think people who think gift cards are thoughtless are expecting way too much of shoppers, and need to be crossed off the gift list.

If you know a person loves to read, that's enough. You cannot be expected to peruse and note every book they own, have borrowed from the library, have borrowed from friends, and so on. A gift card to a book store is perfectly fine.

Also, if you know they like to shop at a certain place, you should not be expected to inventory everything they've bought from that place.

Yes, if you think of something they'd love, and decide to get it, then get it. But saying a gift card is thoughtless is... well, there's not a nice way to say how thoughtless that thought is, other than what I just said.

There's my two cents.

Also, people in college (or going in the upcoming fall) would probably love gift cards to places that sell food.

Professor RJ Gumby said...

I love gift cards. Happiness is $150 worth of accumulated gift cards to a Barnes & Noble within walking distance to my house.

Also, my sister made the coolest home made wrapping for hers. And my other sister put a very funny (and mildly insulting) personal note on hers.

Plus, its really all about Jesus and food. Gifts at my advanced age are a nice extra.

The Millers-Because we like it Original! said...

Dude, I prefer a gift card-and expect one from my husband every Christmas. I understand that buying gifts can be hard when its forced upon him-this way, he can take me shopping, we spend relaxed time together, and then I can sneak into the game store. Viva Pinata!

I usually can get him First Person Shooters and he's in love all over again.

Although....I really would like more socks....