Thursday, May 15, 2008

World's Tallest Man

So yesterday my almost-wife got her wisdom teeth removed. Doing my almost-husbandly duty drove her to the dentist in Alton, IL. Being a fairly lengthy procedure I brought some reading. Instead of just sitting in the crowded office, and being that it was so nice outside, I decided to take a stroll around Alton. I stopped at two different churches along the way to see if I could read in there- both locked. Real welcoming guys. I then settled on trying to find some sort of picnic table or park bench.

So I grabbed a Dr. Pepper and a Nutty Bar (my favorites) from a gas station- then, lo and behold, I came across a nice little park. This was not just any park my friends. This was a memorial to "Alton's Gentle Giant" the 8'11 Robert Pershing Wadlow. The world record holder for tallest man.

You never know what might be around the corner. Maybe it's something really cool you don't even know about. Something like this:

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Adam Caldwell said...

8' 11"! Hooh, hah, good god y'all!!