Monday, October 03, 2005


Today on campus we had the obligatory visit from the Gideons. These are dudes who give you lil' mini bibles. Think of them as fun size! These guys are usually older, they see you, approach you, and say "Would you like a Bible"? Then as the awkwardness ensues you can either kind of giggle at the minute-ness of this little green word of the Lord and say "Sure!" or you can look like a pagan and say: " thanks." I said "Sure" and then felt sneaky or like I just stole something because I have 4 regular size bibles at home. One of them even has the apocrapha included for what I like to call the extended version. Anyways, in the back of my fun-size-bible are steps to become a Christian. Which got me thinking.....does anyone really take the free bible, open it up to the back and suddenly come to know God? I don't know. I think it's a good idea, however the Gideons methods are a little too old school for cynical college students. I mean, even I was a little creeped out and I knew a little bit about why the guys were there with mini bibles. My point is that handing someone a bible is not going to make them a Christian the same way handing me a cookbook will not make me a chef. The bible is the word of God and is not meant to be experienced like a sample in the deli isle. What people need is someone to show them what loving and being loved by Christ looks like. If that means giving them a bible, then let's do that. But until community and fellowship happen little green bibles will keep gathering dust.


Josiah said...

Wow, just wow.

I haven't read any of your other posts yet, just arrived here, so I don't know how much I agree with you on other things.

But wow, you hit this nail on the head.

Congrats, you get major props from me, that was an excellent post.

Off to read more of your writing. ;-)


adam mustoe said...

Josiah, where did you find this? Thanks for the kind comments. Hopefully you like some of the other stuff....try "The Spittin Image"

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, son. It is usually never an either/or situation. It is usually a both/and situation. Awesome analysis!!


p.s. I'll bet you didn't even know I knew about this you know what.

Adam Caldwell said...


Daddy's watching your back. Uh Oh. Hey my dad's a Gideon. You let them be. Just kidding. I love you...see you tonight!

Anonymous said...

The Gideon's really are a great group of Christian men and women trying to spread God's word throughout the world. Sort of like going door to door, so to speak. Their efforts need to be praised!