Thursday, October 13, 2005

Will It Never Stop!?!?!??!?!

Several things here:

Had a busy week at school, and am in the midst of a busy semester at school. If I can get through October i'm pretty sure the rest of the year will be downhill. I talked with a recruiter from St. Paul School of Theology (a seminary in KC) for sometime over a politically imposed lunch. It actually turned out to be good conversation once the forced formalities were disposed. Thinking about seminary/grad school is pretty much silly right now though. After graduation next May, for a while, i'm going to enjoy NOT being a student, since i've pretty much got a 15 year streak going here, call me Cal Ripken baby!

I've reached the startleing (sp?) conclusion that I cannot throw a baseball. I'm talking could not do it to save my life. Literally, if someone were to say: Adam, unless you throw me that ball you are doomed! I still don't think I could do it, and ya know, the pressure of dying would probably make it worse. Come to think of it "I couldn't do it to save my life" is kind of a silly phrase....Anyways, my buddies are on the team here at school so I went with them out to the field to play some catch. It was then that I realized why I stopped playing baseball in 8th grade, because everyone else entered into full-scale adolescence (ah-hem....i'm talking about puberty) and got a lot better at sports, and I just kind of stayed the same and fell behind in the pack. So we go down to the field, and i'm joking with some of the guys about how i'm thinking about trying out because I still have 5 years of eligability left. Then it's my turn to start tossing the ball around, and it just slips out at a 45 degree angle out of my hand, which is not good if you're having trouble visualizing this. I hadn't thrown a baseball in about 7 years, so it was just flipping out of my wrist like a football. Next time you see me, if you happen to have a baseball, i'll show you. You will be guaranteed to laugh. My inability to throw a baseball has really bothered me. I feel somehow.....un-American. Also, i'm looking forward to someday tossing around the ball with my son, so i'm going to find my throw before the year is over.

Finally, and this is where the title comes from, is Apple has introduced a new iPod. Anyone who really knows me also knows my love of the tiny device. iPods are ergonomically, aesthetically, and audibly amazing. They are also impossible to keep up with. I recieved my iPod for Christmas 2005, and it's been replaced by something cooler like, 6 times already!!!!! But I guess the great thing is trying to be happy with what i've got, because it doesn't work any less than what it is designed to do right? It's just tough to resist the temptation to get the latest, most current, and frankly most expensive thing out there. So if you wanna check out the next replacement of my now obsolete iPod, here's the link:

When will the new iPods stop? Can they ever reach a point where the Apple guys with the labcoats come in to the board of directors meeting and be like: "Ya know guys, this is about as cool as we can get"?


Victoria said...

There is a fine line between awesome and efficent small and easily breakeable and loosable small. I feel that Apple has crossed that line with the iPods. iPod minis? perfect iPod nanos? crazy

Dusty Leggs said...

Musto .. I ordered the new ipod! I have a perfectly good 20gig, but i had to have the video feature.