Monday, October 10, 2005

Mr. Caldwell, I salute you

"And i'm trying to make you sing
From the place that you believe
Like it's something that you need
Like it means everything

And i'm trying to make you feel
That this is for real
And life is happening
And it means everything
And i'm trying to make you sing"

-David Crowder, from the last track of his new album.

These words seem simple, maybe even odd if you look at them on your computer screen. Being a big Crowder fan I pre-ordered the album and listened to it as soon as I could. I got to this track and didn't really stop and think about the lyrics. Then my buddy Adam told me to take a closer look, er, listen. After hearing him hypothosize (sp? maybe I shouldn't use big words if I can't spell them) about the meaning, I have been listening to this song over and over. Crowder is stating why he exists, why he does what he does. He's trying to get people to sing and encounter God. I guess I find this incredibly inspirational because the more I thought about it thats what I want my life to be, helping people encounter God as I try and do a better job myself. To live and praise God like it means everything, not just empty words, or a paycheck, or a lifestyle for the sake of a lifestyle, but to really truely believe that what I am doing with my life matters and is pleasing to God. To trust him more, believe more, do more, and love more. Like it means everything.

Their new album "A Collision" is hands down the best Christian album i've ever heard. This is not a run-of-the-mill praise album. There's not 4 covers of songs you've already heard covered by 4 other artists. This is truely an album that demands repeated listening. Even if you're not jamming to every track with your windows down, they are all thought provoking. I cannot speak highly enough of this CD. I promise i'm not being paid by the band or anything, I just really like it that much!


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Adam Caldwell said...


I realize now that I HATE 'The Man.' What a great blog and all of your responses are advertisments. What is this world coming to? Of course I said great blog because I am in the title. But seriously, I'm glad you got it. Let's try to live it, ehh.