Monday, October 31, 2005

Rainy Day

Here at school it's a rainy day, which usually heightens all my lethargic feelings. So I got to poking around the world wide web and discovered an actual medical condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder; now this has more to do with symptoms of depression that worsen over the winter months with less daylight. But what about a microcosm (sp?) of S.A.D. (kind of a cruel name eh?) a kind of "rainy day feeling"? I'm pretty sure that "Rainy Day Feeling" is the title of many-a-cheesy soft rock song....But anyways, it's rainy weather and i'm not feeling very festive on Halloween. For more S.A.D. info check out:

Ha, I just searched and there was over 62 hits for "Rainy Day Feeling"

Halloween a few years back was one of the first days I knew I was growing up. It was October 31st, 1998 and instead of Trick or Treating as I had done for a decade, I sat on my couch watching scary movies on TBS at the insistance of my Father. He didn't make me watch those movies or anything, I just couldn't go trick or treating anymore. I was devastated, no more trick or treating. I had a joyous activity ripped from my life because "I was getting to old". Dad was right, I was too old. It got to where I would estimate the socioeconomic status of families in our neighborhood by what sort of candy they gave my sister and I. Once you can use socioeconomic sucessfully in a sentance you should definately not go trick or treating.

But the good news is that I am now in a position to experience the joy I had as a child. No, I don't have a son I take trick or treating, but I do have a youth group. Both the middle school and high school youth had Halloween bashes last night and it was great. There were so many of us who dressed up, including myself.....a ninja. Ok, a chubby ninja. (Nationwide people spent a record on costumes:

But the youth also went "trick or treating for canned goods." So, instead of filling our pillowcases with kit kats and such, we actually tried to do something positive with Halloween, and we did! A good time was had by all and we also were able to collect a decent amount of food to give to Kingdom House. Hopefully I can get some pics up on here.

So, the youth festivites are over. I guess i'll endulge in some gummy bears to celebrate. Some may say Halloween is evil. But if you can use it as a benefit then maybe its not all bad.


Adam Caldwell said...


What songs do you want to do in a week and a half? Email with a list.

Andy B. said...

"Some may say Halloween is evil. But if you can use it as a benefit then maybe its not all bad."

Hmm ... some say the same thing about rock-n-roll!
- Andy B.

randyp said...

Hey Adam.. This is Eric Parn's dad, I accidentily ran across your blog site. How are things going for you. You still singing and playing the guitar? Eric is at Northwest in Maryville. Drop an email to him. is his email address...