Friday, January 20, 2006

School pt. II

So, today was our second class period of Rabbi Feintuch's presentation. His first day he outlined his three main areas of exploration of Jewish thought for us: God, Torah, Isreal. So the first day he talked about God and started getting into the Torah. Today, he focused mostly on the Torah and started getting into Isreal, so Monday will finish the trifecta.

I've been thinking a lot. A lot. I decided today to make a especially concious effort to simply LISTEN to the Rabbi. Not to immediately compare everything to my religion, my faith. It is tempting to start formulating defenses or developing arguments for the contradictions I was instinctively hunting for. This was not the time to form comparisons, it was a time for absorbing. You can't really engage in dialogue if you're not willing to listen.

I really am proud to have been in that classroom today. The Rabbi's sharing with us has meant a great deal, not only to me one of "the church boys" on campus, but to pretty much everyone in that room.

I took four pages of notes, which if you know me IS A RARITY. So i'm really looking forward to having some good stuff for ya'll real soon! I promise!

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Adam Caldwell said...

It's good to listen...I try to do it at least twice a week.