Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Faith Vs. Deed pt. 2

I feel like a lot of Church's are only concerned with getting people "saved". Once you confess Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior then you're good to go. But really, this is only the beginning. If we're so concerned with getting people saved (not that we shouldn't be) we should also be concerned with helping them in their walk with Christ now that we've helped introduce the two. The question remains: Now that i'm a Christian, what do I do now?

Thus, the dilemma. You already believe so what are you going to do?

According to Rabbi Feintuch, this is not the case in Judaism. But in Christianity if the chief concern is salvation and you've got that on lockdown, what's left?

You then read on past the Gospels and Paul begins to shape the church's foundations like the holy spirit, grace, and free will. Paul many many many times discusses that "the law" leads only to sin and death.

More soon....to see what my buddy Adam Caldwell has said on this subject check here

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