Thursday, January 19, 2006


I ACTUALLY LEARNED SOMETHING AT SCHOOL TODAY. I'm in a Religious class called: Religious Roots of the Holocaust. It promises to be an intriguing and at times controversial course. We've just started so i'm sure they'll be more posts to come concerning this.

However today we had a Jewish Rabbi come in and talk to us about Judaism. It was great. I was exposed to ideas I had read about, but never really heard from someone who believed them.

Today I engaged in dialouge with a Jewish Rabbi. If it were not for school and this course, this might have took a lot more time to happen, if at all. So college is not all completely in vain.

Yossi (that's the Rabbi's name) with be making two more presentations this Friday and next Monday. In all fairness, i'm going to post SEVERAL things about what he's said to us, but I want to 1. hear him out and 2. ask his permission.

Here's the website of the only Synagogue in Columbia, Congregation Beth Shalom.

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