Thursday, January 19, 2006

Spongebob Gets Sued

Litigation in this country is so ridiculous. If you care to see what inspired this rant, check out the article here.

A woman is sueing Kellog Food and Nickelodians parent company Viacom because they advertise junk food. She claims that both Kellog and Nickelodian influence her children to make unhealthy lifestyle choices, like eating fruit snacks. FIVE YEAR OLDS LOVE FRUIT SNACKS. I love the spokesmans comment:

A food industry-backed group defended the companies, saying the lawsuit assumes that parents can't turn off televisions, have no control over the food they buy and can't make their kids go outside to play. "Going out on a limb here, perhaps her (Carlson's) kids want these foods not because of ads, but because they're children," said Dan Mindus, spokesman for the Center for Consumer Freedom.

Exactly. Why can't parents accept responsibility of what goes into their children's minds and bodies? This lawsuit is so representative of a culture that passes the blame and looks to capitolize with a courtroom settlement.

I'm gonna go eat some corn pops and drink some grape soda now.

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