Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big ups to Dunklin County

Yesterday I stepped on a nail, so just to be safe today I got a tetnus
shot. I must say I was impressed with the health dept as I was in and
out faster than any hardees I've ever been to. So everybody don't
forget about tetnus, the rusty silent killer.


The Millers-Because we like it Original! said...

Note the small yet silent bar at the top of most blogs (courtesy of that has a nifty hyperling that says 'Next blog.' Out of curiosity I pressed it once-found your blog. I wouldn't advise pressing it too many times, though. Otherwise, you run into masses of blogs devoted to what young girls would do if they had the Jonas Brothers for a day. *throws up in mouth*

The Millers-Because we like it Original! said...

Oooh, I forgot to mention-I referenced the 5.50 Walmart Bin blog to my husband, and he read it....and then half of the building that he works at read it. Apparently, PEMCO Insurance thinks your hilarious. I hope that doesn't offend you. Had I of known he was going to show people, I would have asked permission first.

The Millers-Because we like it Original! said...

Alright, I finally did it. I read your entire blog. Hours of my life were dedicated, there were blog entries that either almost put me to sleep or made me pull up a dictionary website several times. I did not beat your typing score, I was dissatisfied with the one picture of the wedding I have seen so far, ( more! ) and I'm scared to see the Dark Knight. Not because it was good-but because I hear it's really dark.
I do have the soundtrack though.

I will be emailing you with my final comments-mark my words.