Friday, July 18, 2008

Movie Review>The Dark Knight

The movie was so worth all the hype, to which I've contributed.

At the theater we went to, there were 7 sold out midnight showings. 1 was on "the Mega Screen" which seats a ton of people. They added 2 more mega screen showings, one at 3:20am and another at 6:15am or something.

I think this one might break all the records. It was crazy: people dressing up, lines everywhere.

Um, this was not like most superhero movies where things are just awesome. There was some of that.

But it was scary.

And deep.

And Heath Ledger, and the dude from "Thank you for not smoking" were incredible, especially Ledger. Man, he was creepy and eeeevil.

It was so intense, I probably will see it again just to enjoy it rather than be all worried about what is going to happen next.

My only negative comment would be that Maggie Gylenhal's (sp?) face makes her look about 78 years old.

Can't say enough good things about The Dark Knight. I look forward to many more.

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T. Daniel Irving said...

why you hating on maggie? haha

i think you mean maggie smith... see professor mcgonagal (sp?)

jean agrees though with your being worried about what would happen next, and was only able to breathe at the closing credits...