Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Movie Review>Wall-E

This is a little late. Sarah and I saw Wall-E on our honeymoon. This movie was outstanding. There's no dialog for the first quarter of the movie, something some critics didn't like, but I think it is an indicator of how great the storytelling is. Thats the thing, Pixar tells great stories. Ya, the animation is cool but other studios can do that too.

There is so much commentary on things like taking care of the environment, technology, and convenience. Frankly, I felt a little guilty once or twice. One scene in particular showed two humans cruising along the spaceship in their space aged scooter things talking to each other on a video conference monitor right in front of their faces. Turns out they were right next to each other. Ouch!

Great movie, I would see it again. I even have a little stuffed Wall-E on my desk. I didn't cry, but I thought I would. Go see Wall-E!

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The Millers-Because we like it Original! said...

I cried. We saw it at the midnight showing the night it opened, even though we both had to work the next morning. careless? maybe. Committed? Definitely. Would do it again in a heartbeat because Pixar rocks my socks? Indubiously.