Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm back baby!/Longest Post of All Time

Alright, pretty much the biggest two weeks of my life, so I hope you'll understand my absence from blogging. Please allow me to take you on the journey through photos and witty commentary:

Crew #1, sweet seats. Although we did witness the Cardinals blowing a lead to the Royal pansies.

Crew #2, with noticeably higher altitude seats, still had a blast though, even though we witnessed the KC Royals sweeping the Cards, which is a bit like losing to a girl in a wrestling match.


This is me dominating the "spin & win". I won the jackpot a (I think) record breaking three times. We also discovered why I should never gamble however as I became much like an 84 year old women at "her lucky machine" and I screamed "I'M GETTIN HOT!" at least 4 times, and actually meant it like, twice.

Here is BB playing some weird Japanese game where you climb into this red bulbous apparatus, with pretty funny results. I expect this to be a standard profile picture for years to come.

Here's the whole crew, minus a couple of high school buddies that left early. Note the gigantic spider man, a daunting 6,800 tickets to snag, but relatively easy when every one pools their tickets. Believe it or not Spider-Man would go on to make an appearance at the wedding rehearsal.

WEDDING, June 21

Here's a shot from Sarah's aunt, which turned out pretty well. We've got some other ones from friends, but I'm gonna hold off on actual ceremony pictures until we get the good stuff from friend, photographer, and blogger Dustin of

HONEYMOON, June 22-28

This was our suite, which was outstanding. We stayed at Big Cedar Lodge, outside of Branson, MO. The whole thing was nature themed and so well done. Because, let's face it, theres a bit of irony in having a massive resort complex in rustic nature decor when you've tore up nature to put it there in the first place. But Big Cedar really does want the natural beauty of the ozarks to be preserved, and the different buildings are done so tastefully. Very nice.

Here were are on the lazy river.

We drove by this sign in Branson a couple times and were a little confused: "Is it a segway store? Is it merely a pro-segway billboard? Is it like a go-kart place...only with segways?" The answer to each of those questions was "YES!" I will say this, it is more fun to talk about the time you road segways than it actually is to ride them.

Here we are at Ozarkland, afraid, as we perused the confederate gear section. Yikes. Mecca is to Muslims as Branson is to white people. I used to love going into Ozarkland as a child, because they always had a fine selection of plastic swords. They still do, but I don't like going in there as much anymore.

Here is my Pastor and I. Before you get too freaked out, let me explain. Sarah and I were returning from seeing Wall-E. We parked and were heading up to the room when from the parking lot we hear someone fanatically screaming "IT'S ADAAAAAAAAAAAM". A little frightened that maybe the confederates were after us, I turned around to instead find our good friends Michael and Susan McIntyre. Turns out they had a wedding there the next day, and had scammed the office into telling them what room we were in so they could come try to embarrass us and have a good story. It was actually a really funny surprise, and we hang out for a bit. I think they were a little disappointed in not making us feel as awkward as they had planned! Michael and captured the event in this photo, taken on the bed for no particular reason.


The only bad thing the whole trip happened on the way home. Here is a shot of my beloved malibu being towed. We were on I-44 and the car just stopped working. Luckily we were able to get to the side of the road. Un-luckily it was in the grand metropolis of Marshfield Missouri where most auto places either weren't open at all, closed at noon, or were booked until Monday. So, we were towed to an auto place that could look at the car on Monday, leaving us stranded in Marshfield. Luckily, Bob Casidy (pastor of this church) came up and got us and brought us back to civilization so we could rent a car. My bu is quickly becoming less and less beloved.

So, other than the car breaking down it's been the best time of my life. I'm glad to be back in the saddle. If you've made it this far, you have earned my respect and pity.


kasa (nickname) said...

Kara said...

Congrats again and it looks like you guys had fun!!

tdi said...

this is great man. when can you and sarah come on down to h-town... we really want to meet/hang out with her!

im starting to blog again... doing a blogspot one though... i think i am

whatever about the name... im hoping to rename the contemporary service that i pastor "the journey..." so im taking it before its gone!

glad to see everythin went well with the wedding!

love you bro

Adam Caldwell said...

"You're a lot prettier than I am."

Brad said...

"Mecca is to Muslims as Branson is to white people" Line of the year my friend. Congratulations, we love you, and start preparing yourself now for the party of the year, May 23rd, 09. I expect you to take the entire week off and hang with me.

Um, just read Caldwell's comment. THAT'S the line of the year.

I love you, my friend. Be in touch.

Skinned Mink said...

The visible reaction by both of you to Bransoness was classic.

The Millers-Because we like it Original! said...

Pity? I've been reading through all of your posts, and actually had to calm myself before reading this one. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I"VE BEEN WAITING TO SEE THESE PICTURES? UGH. Pity. Take your pity. And your giant Spiderman. I finally have peace.